Wing Chun Techniques

Wing Chun Techniques

When it comes to the subject of Wing Chun techniques, some say there are many. Others say there are only three hand techniques in Wing Chun. Use this page as a resource for all of your Wing Chun technique needs.

If you are looking for general terminology instead, go to Wing Chun Terms resource.

Techniques of Wing Chun

Some say there are only three techniques in Wing Chun. And that all the other moves or techniques in Wing Chun are only versions of these three techniques.  We can call these three techniques the “three families of Wing Chun techniques”.

Fook Sao 伏手

Fook Sao Yip Man

Tan Sao 攤手

Tan Sao Yip Man

Bong Sao 膀手

Bong Sao Yip Man

More Wing Chun Hand Techniques

Wu Sao

Wu Sao Yip Man

Jum Sao

Jum Sao Yip Man

Low Bong

Low Bong Sao Yip Man

Goang Sao

Yip Man Goang Sao

Kwan Sao

Kwan Sao - Yip Man

Lop Sao

Lop Sao - Yip Man

Pak Sao

Pak Sao Yip Man

Po Pie

Po Pie - Yip Man

Man Sao

Man Sao

Wing Chun Technique Lessons

Here are technique lessons from Sifu Adam Williss

Wing Chun’s Main 3 Techniques


Jum Sao – Sinking Hand


Fook Sao – Controlling Hand


Bong Sao – Wing Arm


Tok Sao / Toy Sao – Lifting Hand


Heun Sao – Circling Hand


Kao Sao – Zoning Hand


Scissors Goang Sao – Splitting Arms


Kwan Sao – Rolling Arms


Lop Sao – Grabbing Hand


Man Sao – Asking Hand

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