About The Dragon Institute

Wing Chun Blog - DragonThe Dragon Institute is a private martial arts school founded by Sifu Adam Williss in 2010 in Dana Point, CA, USA. Upon its founding, it became the first professional Wing Chun educational facility in Orange County.

In 2016, a second location was added in Irvine, CA headed by Sifu Derrick Mansell, Sifu Adam’s top student. In 2022, the Irvine school moved to Lake Forest.

The Dragon Institute has won several awards since its opening including Best Martial Arts in Orange County 5Xs in CityGuide’s Annual OC Hotlist as well as winning DP Times’ Golden Lantern Award 7Xs for Best Martial Arts in the “Best Of” People’s Choice Lantern Awards.

Today, The Dragon Institute is one of the most well known Wing Chun schools in the world with a reputation for its dedication to quality over quantity. The school has Wing Chun programs for adults, juniors and kids ages 5 and up. Its specific approach is referred to as Dragon Family Wing Chun, and is part of Ip Man’s Leung Sheung lineage.

In 2019, The Dragon Institute opened its online school at wingchunlessons.com. The online school features Sifu Adam Williss’ 90-Day Online Wing Chun Course for Beginners and has been called “the clearest and most detailed instruction to learn Wing Chun online”. As of 2021, its Online Wing Chun program was ranked #1 in America by Google’s ranking algorithm.

Roots of The Dragon

The Dragon Institute’s roots include an traditional Ip Man Wing Chun lineage along with additional influences from Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do philosophy, bare-knuckle boxing and Leonardo Terrone’s fencing.

The Dragon Institute founder, Sifu Adam Williss, is a 7th generation lineage holder under the Leung Sheung lineage of Wing Chun. Leung Sheung was the senior-most student of Ip Man in Hong Kong.

Sifu Adam began training under his Sifu, Bill Graves (Wing Chun Jacksonville), in 1995 in the Jacksonville Beaches area of Florida, USA. He began teaching out of his garage in San Clemente, California in 2005.

Sifu Derrick began training under Sifu Adam in 2009.