About The Dragon Institute

ORANGE COUNTY KUNG FU SCHOOLIf you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I find practical martial arts in Orange County”, you’re in the right place.

The Dragon Institute is where black belts turn for “practical martial arts in Orange County.”

What they know is how different we are. They’ve invested their time in other martial arts and know full well what else is out there. And time and time again they choose The Dragon Institute.

Our insane dedication to practicality and efficiency are likely why publications like FoxLA KTTV, CityVoter and OC Weekly have named us “Best Martial Arts in Orange County”.

Voted Best Martial Arts in Orange County

Best Martial Arts in OC


Look: Wing Chun is hard to find. But high quality Wing Chun???

Much harder! How about world-class Wing Chun???

Only a few places in the world!

And that’s why we don’t have any “real” competition…

The honest truth is that no one has the ability to offer our level of Wing Chun.


A Message from Our Founder

Adam WillissWelcome to The Dragon Institute… the true culmination of my life’s work. For the last 26 years, I’ve dedicated myself to practicality and efficiency in everything I do. And I mean everything! And because of that single-minded dedication, I’ve been able to inspire that level of commitment in my students. This has become our schools culture. And I honestly believe that this is why our school has been recognized as one of very best Wing Chun schools in the world.

You see… I made sure that we weren’t distracted by flashy things. I made sure we specialized in high quality Wing Chun Kung Fu. Plain and simple. An art that doesn’t deliver the cheers of a crowd. In my approach to Wing Chun, reward comes in the form of cutting through complexity and in moments of honest application.

If you’ve experienced other martial arts before, other types of kung fu or even other styles of Wing Chun… brace yourself for an entirely new level of depth, insight and application.

The more you learn about us, the more you will want to be part of our martial arts family.


Sifu Adam Williss

Sifu Adam Williss
Founder of The Dragon Institute

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