Dragon Family Wing Chun

Dragon Family Wing Chun… Way Beyond Fighting!

First and foremost, our approach to martial arts, is way beyond fighting. Our fighting practice is meant as our vehicle for expansion and self-growth. And this particular art which we practice (called Dragon Family Wing Chun) is the very best vehicle we’ve ever come across to do just that… sincere and honest development of one’s potential.

Based on our experience, no other activity (martial art or otherwise), has the genuine power to transform our lives on so many levels.

That’s why we’re so passionate about our practice… its the integrated practical improvements for our lives (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Here’s why…

The principles within our specific martial arts practice, the same used for simple, efficient and practical fighting, are also applied as a philosophy for life. Our art is meant as a process of transformation toward higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness in everything you do. That’s why we say, “Wing Chun makes everything else better.” It teaches you how to go with the flow, simplify, have more patience, embrace change and let go of the things that hold you back. We call this living the Wing Chun life.

Dragon Family Wing Chun – A Fighting Art

Now simply because we do this for deeper meaning doesn’t mean we can ever disregard fighting as the actual vehicle for our self-growth. This means sparring, hitting and getting hit is a required part of what we do. Too often people want the life-changing benefits without the willingness to do the hard work which transforms us. Its the genuine and practical ability to apply our arts scientific principles in a fight which is the catatyst for our growth in all the other areas of our lives.

Calmness, patience, lazer-like focus, courage, compassion, mental and physical toughness, a fighting spirit… all of these developed life skills are the by-products of successfully applying Dragon Family Wing Chun principles in physical fighting.

Attributes of our Fighting Art

Dragon Family Wing Chun is predominantly a stand-up fighting art for realistic self-defense. Primarily focused upon efficiency, Dragon Family Wing Chun focuses upon a seemless integration of both striking and grappling elements through use of angles, leverage, pressure and timing, while constantly seeking weaknesses within our partner/assailant. Unlike other martial arts that focus on physical techniques, Dragon Family Wing Chun focuses on energy-based concepts of efficiency, fluidity and centerline occupation.

A multi-range system, Dragon Family Wing Chun trains in longer boxing and kickboxing-type ranges as well as clinch and grappling ranges. Our Wing Chun lineage is under Leung Sheung (Ip Man’s senior-most Hong Kong student). Our practice also has influences from Chen-style Tai Chi, bareknuckle boxing and fencing.

Traditional and Progressive

Dragon Family Wing Chun is both a traditional martial art as well as a progressive art. We practice time-tested traditions for development of the full mind, body and spirit. However, unlike other traditional martial arts Dragon Family Wing Chun is not fixed or patterned. It is a practical philosophy backed by scientific guiding principles. Unlike other progressive arts, Dragon Family Wing Chun is not a “sport” oriented practice. However it is constantly evolving, through alive-based training such as sparring and never simply looking to preserve for tradition’s sake alone. So this makes Dragon Family Wing Chun neither solely traditional nor solely progressive. Instead, we believe in the center… a type of calm, balanced equilibrium which doesn’t go to extremes. 

We believe in calm efficiency first and foremost.

Dragon Family Wing Chun – An Integrated Approach

Dragon Family Wing Chun is an integrated system with aspects of both internal and external martial arts, Eastern and Western fighting arts and deeply rooted in traditional experience yet with realistic progressive training methods. Over the years, we’ve found that having such an innovative spirit coupled with the depth of our traditional knowledge is extremely rare. This is why we are both traditional and progressive and yet cannot solely be labeled either!

To those doctinal traditionalists who say what we are doing is not traditional, we more than likely have more traditional experience than them. The only difference is we aren’t bound by it. We ask them to try to go beyond a rigid outlook of what martial arts can be. Based upon our hands-on experience, combining deeply rooted traditional knowledge with innovative outside-the-box thinking and modern training methods consisitently dominates a rigid approaches.

To those die-hard progressives or MMA-minded folks who disregard us because of our traditional “Kung Fu” name. We say, its just a name, don’t get hung up on it. Based upon our experience, our approach is very effective against all kinds of threats including modern combat sports (MMA, boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, etc.). Unlike many traditional martial arts, we believe knowledge is not power. Only application of knowledge is power. And that truth must be experienced rather than simply conceptualized.