Kids Martial Arts – For All Ages

Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes go well beyond teaching kids a few moves. The Dragon Institute is recognized Orange County's BEST Martial Arts School (5x Award Winner)

  • Building within Kids an Unshakeable Warrior Philosophy
  • AMAZING Instructors who bring the VERY Best out in Kids!
  • Leadership Development - Character-Based Lessons for Little Leaders
  • Bullying Prevention for the REAL World! Anti-Bullying Know-How
  • Direct, Applicable, Efficient Self-Defense for Kids (Guaranteed!)
  • Practical, Real-World Knowledge for Safety & Awareness

Kids Kung Fu Classes

Our kung fu classes work to develop a compassionate, yet focused mind and highly capable body. Kids train many different developmental exercises during our kung fu classes. They practice meditation to increase focus... ... train blindfolded sensitivity drills to increase awareness... ... practice traditional kung fu exercises like ancient masters (including authentic Wing Chun wooden dummy training)... ... and train exercises to help teach muscle memory for realistic self-defense!

This is Wing Chun... Kids Wing Chun!

This is Wing Chun... the martial art, the philosophy and all of its developmental benefits. Although Wing Chun Kung Fu is known for its practicality and effectiveness, our Kids Wing Chun classes are about SO much more than fighting! They teach children respect, self-discipline, focus, and how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our Kids Wing Chun classes use a reward-based program specifically developed to boost confidence, focus, respect and give children the self-defense skills needed to protect themselves and achieve their goals. What's more... Our Kids Wing Chun Kung Fu classes will increase your child’s coordination, body awareness, strength and flexibility… along with developing a clear and focused mind. Our classes have consistently shown to bring proven, positive results and are constantly working to be even better. Our kids kung fu classes teach life lessons in a really fun way! Kids are taught to work hard, laugh hard, when to be courageous and when to be compassionate. They learn...


At The Dragon Institute, we know that confident kids are the happiest kids. Focus, discipline and perseverance along with the ability to protect themselves, helps kids reach their goals in every aspect of their lives. Our dedication is to provide realistic self-defense for your children. Not for them to win a trophy or to kick above their head. These things provide a false sense of confidence. We want our kids kung fu students to have REAL confidence.


Many grade school teachers not only recommend The Dragon Institute’s classes, they enroll their own children. The benefits of increased focus gained at The Dragon Institute extend far beyond kung fu classes. Focus helps kids in every activity, home life, social interactions, and classrooms. The Dragon Institute’s students are better students! Want your kids grades to improve? Bring them to the Dragon Institute’s kids kung fu. Seriously! The Dragon Institute is proven to help children improve their discipline, focus, attention span… and yes, grades!


Children need guidance to develop self-discipline. Even if they understand good from bad, most children lack the discipline to fight urges or the consistent drive to reach their goals. Children are also easily distracted by obstacles which keep them from achieving their fullest potential. Motivation can be sporadic. The Dragon Institute’s teaching methods help children achieve the self-discipline necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and accomplish their goals.


Bullying can't be dismissed just as a normal part of growing up. At The Dragon Institute, we take the subject of bullying very seriously. Because we know how harmful it can be to children. Empowering children with the knowledge and skills to handle bullying in positives ways is very important to us. Because no child should be afraid or feel like they need to avoid school. Every child deserves to be themselves and make their unique imprint on the world. The Dragon Institute is the founding headquarters for BULLY GUARD, our own proprietary bullying prevention program for kids.

Self-Defense for Kids

Sure they're kids, but we believe they need to learn self-defense as quickly as possible. The sooner they build functional muscle memory the more effective they will become. Unlike other martial arts classes, our students goals are not to win a tournament or to kick above their head. These things provide a false sense of confidence. We teach practical self-defense for kids (kids self-defense). This provides kids with REAL confidence through the art of Wing Chun - a close-quarters fighting art designed specifically for self-defense. Everything they are practicing is training them for real world encounters.

Kids love our instructors! And parents love how their kids respond to them. Each of our instructors has been hand selected for their uncommon abilities to bring out the best in kids. This means pushing them to grow. Holding them accountable for doing the right thing and being a true partner to parents!

Kids Martial Arts Classes (Ages 5-11)

Kids Martial Arts


Children's Classes

Our martial arts classes for kids (5 year olds through 11) offer the kind of integrated benefits that teach razor-sharp kung fu focus and traditional respect and discipline. Kids learn the practical kung fu style of Wing Chun. A real world skill that will stand the test of time! Kids develop a non-quitting spirit and moral values which will help them succeed in every area of their lives. Better grades at school, better behavior at home, healthier habits, and the confidence to achieve any goal they set their mind to. With safe martial arts training and positive reinforcement, The Dragon Institute teaches children effective, realistic self-defense and instills the discipline needed for children to grow and succeed in every aspect of their lives.


Teens Martial Arts Classes (Juniors Ages 12+)

Teens Martial Arts

Our juniors martial arts classes give teens and pre-teens strong grounding in a transitional time in their life. They not only give them "their own thing", they teach real world lessons that provide authentic confidence. The life lessons learned through our teens and juniors martial arts classes are practical, no-nonsense and effective. This is Legit Fighting Knowledge PLUS Legit Life Knowledge! 

Also note that our classes are not easy. Kids are expected to work hard and earn everything they get. The foundation for their tomorrow is built upon their hard work today. Make no mistake, we build better kids!