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"The clearest and most detailed instruction to learn Wing Chun online. Sifu Adam Williss knows his stuff. He turns complex ideas into simple understandings to learn Wing Chun at home for beginners like myself. He's completely opened my view to the inner meanings of Wing Chun!" -Yukio Takahashi, Tokyo, Japan

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The way Sifu Adam Williss simplifies and explains Wing Chun is exceptional. It shows in every one of his lessons.-Sean Murphy, Phoenix. Arizona

Best Kung Fu

It's like I'm actually training Wing Chun with Sifu Adam at The Dragon Institute! I love being able to be a part of this online Wing Chun school even though I live so far away. -Ryan Hendricks, Idaho

Best Kung Fu

"I have been "watching" you on YouTube videos and have grown to appreciate your ability to articulate this art...almost scientifically! You have a keen ability to utilize reason to clarify these concepts! Thank YOU!" -Efrayim Elimelech, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Best Kung Fu

“This dude knows his stuff! As a JKD instructor for over 15 years I’ve listened to a lot of martial arts teachers. Very few understand and can articulate the essence of Gung Fu like Sifu Adam Williss can.” " -Jerry Lee, Los Angeles, California

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Online Wing Chun: Home Training Certification Course

Learn Wing Chun at Home Training Step-by-Step

Our online Wing Chun lessons course is a 90-day Wing Chun training program that holds back nothing opening the door to knowledge once held in secret for centuries.

  • Designed Specifically for Beginners

Created for beginners to learn Wing Chun online, this Wing Chun at Home Study Course breaks down Wing Chun into simple, step-by step lessons

  • 12 Lessons, 12 Quizzes and a Final Exam

After each lesson, students are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by passing quizzes. This ensures material has been learned properly. After successful completion, the next lesson becomes available.

  • Siu Nim Tao (Sil Lim Tao)

You will learn Wing Chun's first and most important form (Siu Nim Tao) explained and demonstrated by Sifu Adam Williss. This includes the specific details of all three sections of Siu Nim Tao broken down with the quality standards which The Dragon Institute is recognized.

  • Wing Chun Structure

Detailed insights and make-sense explanations of Wing Chun structure by Sifu Adam Williss. The foundation of good Wing Chun, structure opens the door to being able to handle bigger/stronger opponents. In this course, you will learn the specifics of developing legit Wing Chun structure.

  • Wing Chun Dummy Form

You will learn the Wing Chun wooden dummy including highly detailed demonstrations and explanations of both handwork and footwork. You will then be placed on a systematic program which increases your muscle memory to these dummy movements and postures. (Note: You do not need a wooden dummy to learn this).

  • Simultaneous Attack & Defense Applications

Game-changing simultaneous attack and defense applications against hard, heavy punches. These teach how to apply very important Wing Chun concepts as you learn how to use Wing Chun in order to immediately place an attacker on the defensive.

  • Intro to Chi Sao - The 5 Energies

Learn the 5 major categories of pressure with specifics on how to efficiently respond to them. Traditionally reserved for the most loyal students, our online Wing Chun training holds nothing back by providing you with the exact recipe for achieving simple, efficient, pin-point counter-attacks to stimuli.

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Online Wing Chun Course for Beginners

Wing Chun At Home

PRICE: $350 $97

Wing Chun Online Training

Sifu Adam Williss

For the last 26 years, Sifu Adam Williss has dedicated his life to Wing Chun. He is the founder of the award-winning Wing Chun school, The Dragon Institute.

Although recognized as one of today's top Wing Chun experts, Sifu Adam asks you not to refer to him as "Master." He prefers to let his skills speak for themselves. He says, "you can't master Wing Chun, let alone grandmaster it." LOL. However, his deep knowledge and extraordinary ability to teach Wing Chun is quite simply... undeniable!

His Wing Chun school's slogan, "Where Honest Quality Matters" embodies Sifu Adam's no nonsense approach to Wing Chun. His insistence upon high quality Wing Chun denounces some of the most well-known self-appointed "masters" with their made up Wing Chun and “none of your business” lineage.

I have multiple black belts, and have trained with some of the biggest names in martial arts. I was blown away by The Dragon Institute, Sifu Adam's Wing Chun is on a whole different in Hall Of Fame level! It is the most devastating that I've ever experienced, bar none. You owe it to yourself, no matter what your martial arts background, to learn from him!"

Mark Allen, 3X Martial Arts Blackbelt

Wing Chun... No matter what you've heard or seen... you will not know what it truly is until you experience Wing Chun at The Dragon Institute. Sifu Adam Williss' incredible patience and profound understanding of the art, allows him to reveal a level of Wing Chun few people ever experience."

Ruben Cruz, Junior Golden Gloves Boxer

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Best Wing Chun Online Training for Beginners

Best Kung Fu

Voted Best Online Wing Chun Training for Beginners our Wing Chun distance learning / home study course is designed to help beginners learn Wing Chun at home.

Not everyone has access to Wing Chun training where they live. Our Wing Chun home study course gives you a chance to train Wing Chun online to become certified and recognized under The Dragon Institute ranking system, which is a necessary first step for those who wish to become Certified Wing Chun Instructors under The Dragon Institute.

Each week of our online Wing Chun Distance Learning course covers different sections of Wing Chun training for beginners. Students are required to then demonstrate their understanding through tests and quizzes. Our Wing Chun course has 13 different tests and quizzes which home study students must pass. 

"Your Wing Chun lessons have really helped me understand Wing Chun on a much deeper level. No one teaches like you do! How you describe Wing Chun makes it so much less complicated than it was for me before. Thank you!"

San Francisco, CA

Steven Chan

"You should charge much more for this home study course. I just watched week 1 and I can't believe I got all of this knowledge for what I paid. The first video alone is worth that and now I have 11 more videos to look forward to."

Nampa, Idaho

Bill Winslow

Legit Wing Chun Guaranteed!

We don't play. The quality of our online Wing Chun course is 100% Full-Money Back Guaranteed!
Within 30 days of your purchase, if after experiencing the first week and successfully completing your first quiz of this course, if you aren't happy with the quality of our online Wing Chun course, contact us within 24 hours and we'll give you a full refund. Why? Because there's simply no questioning the quality of our Wing Chun school's home study course. The Wing Chun knowledge you will recieve is second to none... Guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price listed a one-time payment?

Yes it is. This is not a recurring fee. 

What kind of payment do you accept?

We use PayPal. You can also pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Do I need a Wing Chun dummy?

No. You do not need a Wing Chun dummy for this course. You can perform the dummy form in the air. In fact, Ip Man is known to have practiced this way often.

Do I need a partner?

No. You do not need a partner for this course. This course has been designed to be able to be performed without a partner. 

Can I go at my own pace?

Yes. This course gives you the opportunity to go at a speed that is comfortable for you.

How long will I have access?

There is no expiration for this course. We provide unlimited access to the course and and its contents for continued review for as long as we offer it - even after your successful completion. 

Do I need a strong internet connection?

If you can watch YouTube videos, our course and its videos can be accessed. 

Can I really learn Wing Chun at home online?

When considering learning Wing Chun at home or investing in our online Wing Chun At Home Study Course, realize that Wing Chun has two different, yet very important types of training... solo training and partner training. Neither can be exclusive to your Wing Chun training. Both solo training and partner training must be a part of a balanced Wing Chun training program.

Despite what many (even experienced sifus say) the truth is YES, you can learn Wing Chun at home! Not only can you learn Wing Chun at home, you can also gain lots of knowledge from at home Wing Chun lessons or videos.

In fact, Wing Chun beginners can learn: Wing Chun forms, empty hand sets

, Siu Nim Tao (Sil Lim Tau) 小念頭

, Chum Kiu 尋橋

, Bil Jee (Biu Jee) 鏢指

, Wooden Dummy (Muk Yan Jong) 木人樁

, Air Dummy Form without a Dummy (Hong Jong)

, solo footwork

Solo drills (san sik)

Wing Chun Concepts & Principles

, Stances, Postures & Transitions

Punches, Palm Strikes & Other Attacks

, Partner Drills to Practice with a Friend

...all at home through Wing Chun training videos. So anyone that says you can't learn Wing Chun at home is clearly missing all of this!

So make no mistake, in order to fully learn Wing Chun, a student also needs partner-based Wing Chun training, not only online Wing Chun training. That's why the answer to the question "can you learn how to fully apply Wing Chun at home" or through online lessons alone is no. You need someone who can apply Wing Chun better than you...a hands-on Wing Chun training partner to help you, to pressure you, to uproot you, to punch you and get punched, and to physically challenge you. This is how you learn Wing Chun and become sensitive to the correct energy, actionable pressure and how to properly flow with the other person's energy. In the end, the reality is that no matter how much Wing Chun knowledge you know, turning knowledge into application requires actual hands-on training. Never mistake this!

Do you offer further training beyond this course?

Yes. We offer complete Wing Chun training for beginners and advanced students. However, successful completion of this course is required as a pre-requisite for higher level training. 

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