About Sifu Adam Williss

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Sifu Adam Williss is the founder of The Dragon Institute – one of the most well-known Wing Chun schools in the US. He has built a network of followers around the world. Known for his uncompromising dedication to quality, Sifu Adam is one of the most followed Wing Chun experts today. 


Sifu Adam Williss has made it his life’s mission to empower individuals of all ages and all walks of life with Kung Fu’s physical, mental and life-changing benefits through his lessons, classes, workshops and courses.

For nearly 30 years, he’s dedicated his life to learning high quality Kung Fu… From this obsession, Sifu Adam has turned his first-hand knowledge into a path to educate others on the specifics of what good Wing Chun means.

Blackbelt Magazine calls Sifu Adam one of the most sought-after Wing Chun Sifus today while World of Martial Arts TV says his system is “insanely efficient”. Sifu Adam’s Online Wing Chun at Home course is one of the best selling in America and he is followed by over 117K on his Wing Chun Lessons Facebook page and over 50K on his YouTube channel.

Mark Allen, 3X Martial Arts Blackbelt, recently said, “I have multiple black belts, and have trained with some of the biggest names in martial arts. I was blown away by Sifu Adam’s ability. His Wing Chun is on a whole different level….as in Hall Of Fame level! It is the most devastating that I’ve ever experienced, BAR NONE! You owe it to yourself, no matter what your martial arts background, to learn from him!”

Sifu Adam has been featured in World of Martial Arts Magazine and Wing Chun Illustrated magazine. His students include law enforcement officers, homeland security personnel, active soldiers in the Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force as well as other security professionals. His training includes both hand-to-hand combat as well as real-world self-defense against weapons. He is also a self-defense expert instructor to large companies, community-based service clubs, businesses as well as amateur and professional athletes.

Sifu Adam lives in Palm Coast, FL. His school is located in Bunnell, FL.

Kung Fu Life Lessons

Kung Fu Life LessonsSifu Adam Williss is also a Life Coach. He specializes in translating Kung Fu’s hidden life lessons to those seeking its timeless philosophy for personal development. Sifu Adam believes that hidden within the philosophy of Kung Fu are the secrets to a simpler, more efficient life. His Kung Fu Life Lessons have been called “the best kept secret in self-growth today”.

Adam Williss has given me the strength to live life again. Everyone has hard times and something that they have to deal with. I have always been driven and made goals, marketing and business plans. We all struggle with what is handed to us daily. Adam taught me how to be strong in the mind and find my center… still be kind and and have loving heart I have. He brought out the true Amy again but an even better Amy! Thank you Adam!

Sifu Adam Williss is inspirational by his passion… and the way he is able to reach a person’s heart and gives them strength to believe in themselves.

Sifu Adam is outstanding in his performance as a Mentor, Teacher, and Friend. His patience really helps (his clients) achieve their maximum potential. Yes, It takes time to absorb all of Sifu’s wisdom and knowledge in the application. Though once you (do), you will never look at the world the same. (He) truly shapes you into a better person and opens your eyes to kindness and gratitude towards the world!

Awards and Associations

Sifu Adam was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2010. He is recognized as an official lineage holder of the Worldwide Leung Sheung Lineage Association. He is a proud representative of Sifu Bill Graves’ Jacksonville Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is founder of International Wing Chun Day, founder of Wing Chun Against Bullying, president of the Dragon Family Wing Chun Association and a member of the International Kung Fu Federation, Independent Martial Arts Federation, International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association, United States Kuo Shu Federation, Ving Tsun Athletic Association and the National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association.

In his own words, Sifu Adam says what being a sifu means to him…

For me, being a “sifu” isn’t about a title, authority, hierarchy or rank. I don’t want to be put on a pedestal or be thought of as a so called “master”. I want to be an inspiration in my student’s lives, no matter how old those students are, no matter what they come to me for, my responsibility is to transcend and inspire. That’s why I’m my student’s biggest fan and have such a powerful belief in them. Everything is about their potential to go to higher levels through this beautiful art.  -Sifu Adam Williss

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Sifu Adam Williss’ Core Beliefs About Dragon Family Wing Chun

Sifu Adam Williss has a unique, no-nonsense approach to Wing Chun. Below are some of his practices and beliefs:

  • Dragon Family Wing Chun’s most important objective is to develop undeniable ability within its students. It is priority one from day one. This is most like why ability is so undeniable for those who have touched hands with Dragon Family Wing Chun specialists. This may seem like a no brainer, but the reality is that this isn’t the case with many so called “Wing Chun masters or grandmasters”. 
  • Dragon Family Wing Chun is obsessed with practical efficiency. What takes others 6 moves takes 1 or 2 moves. Its not about what looks cool, powerful or fast – it’s about efficiency. 
  • Dragon Family Wing Chun (DFWC) respects tradition, but is not bound by it unlike so many classical theorists. It breaks free from traditional cultural bindings, ritualistic complexity and overcomplicated theoretical patterns.
  • Overall, Dragon Family Wing Chun is simply more honest and practical. Its this spirit of honest application against threats of all kinds which is the difference. Talk is cheap. Honesty is whether you can apply your theory. 
  • Dragon Family Wing Chun is based upon position and structure. Being in the right place with the right structure, the rest comes easy.
  • Sparring is a necessity in Dragon Family Wing Chun. Wearing mouthpieces, hitting and getting hit is required.
  • Shadow boxing is a part of Dragon Family Wing Chun. Alive, unscripted fluid movement must be practiced with mobility and adaptability.
  • Coordinating hands and feet is a must. Each strike must have a coordinated step with it.
  • Dragon Family Wing Chun is an internal approach to Wing Chun with specific emphasis on practical application. It follows principles similar to other other internal Chinese martial arts such as Tai Chi.
  • Becoming Sifu level in Dragon Family Wing Chun is not about time training or knowledge attained… it is solely about the ability to apply Dragon Family Wing Chun against realistic. unscripted threats.
  • Dragon Family Wing Chun is under the lineage of Leung Sheung, the senior-most Hong Kong student of Ip Man (Yip Man)
  • Safety is always a priority. However, we teach students how to hit and get hit in sparring. This ensures a level of simplicity and honesty in training. If someone gets hit in sparring, its their fault. Never apologize for hitting them. It was your goal to hit them. They must learn from it and take responsibility for it.
  • Do not pull your punches. A hit is defined by what we call substantial contact. This means moving the person’s mass or stopping a mass that’s coming at you. Anything less is too theoretical to be considered a hit.
  • Dragon Family Wing Chun is neither solely traditional nor progressive. We believe in balance in everything we do. We have and will continue to seek a healthy respect for time-tested tradition along with an open mind for practical innovation.