Orange County Self-Defense

Orange County Self-Defense

Build Confidence. Defend Yourself.

Confidently defend yourself and your loved ones. Our OC self-defense classes in (Orange County) teach you to  realistic and effective self-protection. Our  classes give students the confidence that they need to protect themselves in true self-defense situations. We do not train for sports competition. As a student of The Dragon Institute, you will learn how to apply practical self-defense in Orange County. The basis of our self-defense training uses the art of Wing Chun and use a larger attacker’s strength against them. However, we are also not limited by traditional martial arts thought. Our training is not meant to preserve tradition, it is designed to teach real self-defense skills. Because of this, we use realistic training methods, against resisting, uncooperative sparring and aliveness training. In addition, we also train self-defense realities against modern weapons such as sticks, knives and guns. Through positioning and leverage, our Orange County self-defense students learn that being smaller can bring its own set of advantages.

Orange County Self-Defense Classes

Practical Self-Defense in Orange County

Close-quarters self-defense training! Our self-defense training unique close-quarters self-defense system that uses leverage, position and body structure in order to overcome bigger, stronger attackers. It specializes in utilizing the most efficient strategies and practical tools to deal with violent physical assault.

Our approach to self-defense training specializes is no-nonsense, street-practical, close-quarters combat. Students learn quick punches and low kicks with a tight defense, coordinated through agile stances and efficient footwork for a quick advance. The effectiveness of our self-defense training program lies in its superior efficiency including well coordinated counter attacks along with simultaneous defense.

Here’s a taste of some of the simple self-defense concepts we teach:

Our Orange County self-defense training is highly effective in realistic confrontations. As a result, many military and police personnel have chosen our self-defense program for its devastatingly effective close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat.

What’s more, true self-defense is much, much more than just knowing how to physically defend yourself. Learning our program of self-defense in Orange County means learning the mental, physical and emotional realities of self-defense. Due to the confidence gained from your training, you will feel more confident and capable of handling yourself in confrontations. Because of this, you’ll carry yourself differently, think differently and act differently. Others will see you differently and interact with you differently. You’ll have an overall higher awareness of your surroundings. The benefits achieved from our Orange County self-defense classes are truly priceless.

Our classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Private self-defense training is also available. Our award winning Orange County self-defense classes are appropriate for just about everyone!


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Learning Self-Defense in Orange County


Learning self-defense in any location is full of benefits, but what kind of benefits does it have in relatively safe locations with low crime rates? Many! In this article, we will be going over some of the benefits of learning self-defense in Orange County, California. 

What are the main reasons to learn self-defense in Orange County?

Orange County, CA is known for having relatively lower crime rates compared to other parts of the U.S.A.. With that being said, one might ask “Why would I need to learn how to defend myself in such a safe neighborhood?” Safety starts with yourself, and it is even more important to know how to defend yourself in a safe neighborhood for one simple reason: you will not expect any crime to happen to you. Orange County Self-Defense is just as important to know because of that sense of safety. If YOU don’t feel safe, then all of O.C. can’t help you feel secure. If someone attacks you, do you want to panic, or do you want to put down the attacker? 

What could happen if you don’t know self-defense in Orange County?

In Orange County, self-defense is taught by a variety of schools, but as stated above, Orange County, CA is known for having relatively lower crime rates. Safety does not mean security. Security starts with the self. An untrained person could have a bad thing happen to them and have it leave a mental scar on them. A trained person could have a bad thing happen to them and have it leave only a physical scar on them. Physical wounds can heal fast, but mental wounds can take years to mend. These mental scars can be lesser or worse depending on the location—because if you live in a safe neighborhood, chances are that if a crime happens there, you might ask yourself, “Why would that happen here? This place has always been a safe place.” If you know self-defense, you will know that anything can happen anywhere, and if it happens to you, you would probably want to be able to defend yourself. 

What are some self-defense benefits for adults?

The benefits of self-defense for adults are numerous! At the top of that list is awareness. Awareness of self, awareness of surroundings, awareness of other people– our Orange County self-defense program teaches you an almost animal-like awareness. Over time, you learn how to read a person before they can even throw the first punch. You learn how to remain grounded and immovable—you learn that you do NOT need to be on the ground in order to defend yourself.  The education of awareness is such a crucial part of self-defense, and yet, it can often be one of the most overlooked aspects of self-defense training (schools are often a case-by-case situation. It is very important to note that.) 

Why Orange County-based self-defense matters.

We live in turbulent times, and yet, despite that, it is still VERY easy to live in complacency. There is often a mindset of “this place is a safe place, I should be fine,” and the result of that sort of mindset often leads to sheer shock and horror when a shooting happens. One of the first things that people say on the news in response to a shooting is, “You never think it’s going to happen here.” This is, unfortunately, part of the problem. It is a dismissal of reality, where ANYTHING can happen. 

So what can our self-defense program do to change my complacency? 

The two biggest and most important elements that our self-defense program teaches are not of a physical aspect. They are mental aspects. Relaxation and awareness. When you are put into a situation where you need to defend yourself, a cool-head can be a huge factor in whether or not you can defend yourself well or poorly both during and after the fight. Our self-defense program trains you to end a fight quickly—with only one or two punches being the ideal. As mentioned above, we live in turbulent times, and a relaxed mindset is all the more important to have in navigating life as we know it right now. A relaxed mindset will help you IMMENSELY in dealing with uncertainty—not because of overconfidence, but because of the confidence in your ability to handle whatever is around the corner, without making a huge deal of it. Our self-defense training on relaxation does not teach you to always be at the ready for something to go wrong, mind you. It teaches you to be ready for when something does go wrong in a way that can best be described as “flipping a switch.” 

It is imperative to note that the relaxation that our self-defense program teaches is not to get you hypersensitive, but to train you to be ready for when push comes to shove. 

Why is practicing awareness so crucial to self-defense? 

Awareness is the first step in a self-defense situation. All fights begin with the mind. Relaxation and awareness go hand in hand—relaxation lets you assess your situation calmly, while awareness lets you answer your own question about a would-be attacker quickly. Remember that you may not always get the luxury of time when you are put in a self-defense situation. Awareness that is honed allows you to ask and answer your question about a would-be attacker in an instant. It allows you to put down an attacker before a fight has reached a “breaking out” point. For you Star Wars fans out there, it allows you to be like Han Solo and shoot first at all the Greedos out there, because Han knew that if he didn’t shoot first, Greedo would have. Awareness allows you to finish a fight before it can begin.

10 Facts You Might Want to Know About Self-Defense

  1. This first one is for all the left-handed people out there—as approximately 90% of the population is right-handed, left-handed people have an immediate advantage when it comes to self-defense. 
  2. Not all martial artists train for self-defense. In fact, many train for sports competitions. Bruce Lee learned it to defend himself, Robert Downey Jr. took it up in order to get his life together after a turbulent life of alcohol and drugs. Note that there is nothing wrong with taking up martial arts for sake of self-improvement, however, if you want a self-defense oriented martial art, do your research into the martial art, and the school you want to check out. 
  3. Believe it or not, if you’re being robbed, the safest thing to do, is to give them what they want. Why would a self-defense school recommend this? Because self-defense is about DE-ESCALATION. 
  4. Self-defense is not just about the physical. Before a fight gets physical, there is always a battle of the mind first. Self-defense includes tactics such as situational awareness and verbal threat de-escalation. We train in self-defense in the hopes that we never have to use it.
  5. Never underestimate the power of injuring your attacker. There are cases where attacking and injuring an attacker is your best defense. This may sound confusing, given that in number 3 and number 4, we talked about de-escalating. Number 5 is being said here for when a physical fight is imminent. 
  6. For many, discerning between ego and self-defense can be one of the most difficult lines to draw. What this means, is that it can be very difficult to tell when someone is defending themselves because their ego demands it, or when someone is defending themselves because they had no other choice. It is a line that is easier to see at a distance, but when you find yourself in the heat of a moment, passions and emotions are like two fires that can consume you if you cannot keep yourself calm, relaxed, and focused. 
  7. There is a big, BIG difference between preventing violence and doing violence. For preventing violence, as stated above, it is being aware of your current situation, just as Han Solo was when he was confronted by Greedo. Han shot first, in order to PREVENT violence. If Han were DOING violence, he would have shot Greedo—unprovoked—and then partook in the potential brawl that would break out as a result.
  8. Gouging someone’s eye out is a completely different thing to making someone tap out (or submit, depending on which phrase you prefer.) Gouging an eye out means you want to get out of a fight as quickly as possible, with the most efficient method possible. Making someone tap out means that you want the opponent to resist—you want sport. 
  9. Looking to use intimidation in a self-defense situation can actually ESCALATE a problem. Self-defense is about de-escalation, and that involves not being intimidating. If you have seen ANY of Jackie Chan’s movies, you can probably tell that he isn’t trying to be intimidating at all before a fight starts—that’s a prime example of how to present yourself. You don’t want trouble, tell them that, but be ready to defend if you have to. 
  10. Self-defense isn’t about fighting. It’s about injuring your attacker. In addition to the above Jackie Chan example, snakes out in the wild are the same way—they don’t want any trouble, they want to be left alone, but when someone comes along and tries to pick it up, they will attempt to injure you, so that they can get away—venomous species AND non-venomous species. 

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