What is Dragon Family Wing Chun?

Dragon Family Wing ChunDragon Family Wing Chun is predominantly a stand-up fighting art for realistic self-defense. Primarily focused upon efficiency, Dragon Family Wing Chun focuses upon a seemless integration of both striking and grappling elements through use of angles, leverage, pressure and timing, while constantly seeking weaknesses within our partner/assailant. Unlike other martial arts that focus on physical techniques, Dragon Family Wing Chun focuses on energy-based concepts of efficiency, fluidity and centerline occupation.

A multi-range system, Dragon Family Wing Chun trains in longer boxing and kickboxing-type ranges as well as clinch and grappling ranges. Our Wing Chun lineage is under Leung Sheung (Ip Man’s senior-most Hong Kong student). Our practice also has influences from Chen-style Tai Chi, bareknuckle boxing and fencing.

Dragon Family Wing Chun is neither solely a traditional nor a progressive martial art. Instead, we believe in a more centerlined, balanced approach. Dragon Family Wing Chun is an integrated system with aspects of both internal and external martial arts, Eastern and Western fighting arts and deeply rooted in traditional experience yet with realistic progressive training methods. This innovative spirit coupled with the authenticity of our Wing Chun methods is very rare. To those doctinal traditionalists who say what we are doing is not Wing Chun, we more than likely have more traditional experience than them and kindly ask them to do ask them to come physically see for themselves how our deeply rooted traditional Wing Chun combined with out innovative outside the box thinking and training methods can dominate a rigid traditionalist incapable of evolving. To those die-hard progressives or MMA fans who say Wing Chun can’t work against modern threats (MMA, boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, etc.) we more than likely have more alive-sparring based experience than them and kindly ask them to come physically see how uniquely effective a modern, realistic approach to Wing Chun can be.

And lastly, Dragon Family Wing Chun is not merely a fighting art. It is also considered an art of living. The same concepts and principles used for modern, practical fighting are also applied as a philosophy for life. It teaches you how to go with the flow, simplify, have more patience, embrace change and let go of the things that hold you back. We call this living the Wing Chun life. And when you learn how to live the Wing Chun life, it makes everything you do a little better.