Wing Chun

Now offering in-class and online training.

Online Wing Chun School

Learn Wing Chun at home online with Sifu Adam Williss, founder of The Dragon Institute.

Dana Point Wing Chun School

Located right on PCH, our Dana Point Martial Arts school offers self-defense classes for all ages.

Irvine Wing Chun School

Located off the 5 freeway not far from The Spectrum, our Irvine martial arts school features classes for all ages.

Build Confidence

Join an ego-free community passionate about helping and holding each other accountable for excellence.

Find Community

Join an ego-free community passionate about helping and holding each other accountable for excellence.


Develop a true ability to defend yourself.  Practical, no nonsense and devastatingly effective!

Focus & Discipline

Increase your ability to focus and develop deeper self-control.

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a martial art best known for its effectiveness in close-quarters self-defense. It specializes in enabling smaller, weaker people to overcome bigger, stronger attackers. One of the best things about Wing Chun, is that it can work for everyone regardless of size, strength or age.


When it comes to your safety, you should never settle. In a world full of threats, you need self-defense training you can count on to keep you safe when it counts. After several decades of research, we are proud to be able to share our most devastatingly effective self-defense solutions. This includes personal situational awareness training, recogniton of potential danger, skill development against the most common attacks to developing the mindset essential for survival.

My son started at this school when he was 6 and has been studying a little over a year. He loves it. Sifu Adam and Sifu Derrick are highly skilled and they are wonderful with kids and great mentors. Highly recommended!

Eric G, Cameron's Dad, Orange County, CA

My 2 daughters, son and husband love this place! Sifu Adam is an inspirational and powerful leader and works excellent with children of all ages! If you love Ip Man and Bruce Lee, you'll love this form of martial arts.

Rosie K, Lexi & Nicole's Mom, Dana Point, CA

Experienced Military Officer Says...

Direct, efficient & practical.
This is perfect martial arts training to add to my Marine training.

Marine Sgt. Greg Purdue, Camp Pendleton, CA

Self-Defense Expert Says...

The martial arts training at The Dragon Institute is efficiency on a whole new level. Nothing I've ever trained is this efficient.

Mark Allen, 3X Black Belt & Certified Self-Defense Instructor

Orange County Wing Chun School Voted Best

Best Martial Arts in Orange County

The Dragon Institute has become one of the most recognized martial arts school in Orange County, claiming 5 "Best Martial Arts in Orange County" titles and taking 6 consecutive "Gold Lanterns" in DP Times Best of Dana Point Award 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019.

Now Available!

Wing Chun

Finally! What used to be only accessible in-person, is now available straight to you! Learn Wing Chun at home directly with Sifu Adam Williss, Founder of The Dragon Institute.