Wing Chun Orange County Schools

Wing Chun Orange County Schools

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a martial art best known for its effectiveness in close-quarters self-defense. It specializes in enabling smaller, weaker people to overcome bigger, stronger attackers. One of the best things about it is that it can work for everyone regardless of size, strength or age.

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Orange County Wing Chun School


ADULT classes are filled. Adults seeking enrollment into our classes are required to be enrolled in (or have completed) our Online Wing Chun Course. Once enrolled please contact us to notify us that you wish to be placed on our waiting list.

KIDS classes are filled. Parents seeking enrollment for their kids into our classes, please contact us to be placed on our waiting list.

TEENS/JUNIORS classes have two spots open (To try a class, please sign-up below).

OC Wing Chun Classes

Adult Classes are Currently at Full Capacity. Contact us to get on our waitllst.

Our adult Wing Chun Kung Fu classes include warm-ups, kung fu forms, drills, a lesson of the day and application-based training and/or sparring.

You can expect small class sizes and a cooperative learning environment.

Our focus is on both practical application of the art for self-defense as well as long term development of the student.

We recommend wearing comfortable workout attire and sneakers for Wing Chun class at our Irvine/Lake Forest martial arts school.

You can expect a safe and encouraging kids martial arts environment for your child. An environment that, in addition to teaching kids practical martial arts for self-defense, also teaches kids focus, respect and discipline.

Beginners Kids Kung Fu classes are for new students (children ages 5-11).

Kids Level II are for students (children ages 5-11) that have been with us for a longer time.

Juniors (aka Teens Classes) are for both beginners and longer term students ages 12 and up.

We have monthly testings that help keep the kids on track with our curriculum.

Why Wing Chun Training?

Close-Quarters Self-Defense

Wing Chun is an old street-fighting style from Hong Kong. Known for its close-quarters effectiveness, Wing Chun has been taught and integrated into the training programs of military & law enforcement agencies around the world such as the US Navy Seals, FBI, CIA, French RAID and German SEK units and integrated into their programs.

A Way of Life

Wing Chun is also a philosophy of life. The art teaches how to be a true warrior in all areas of your life. In fact, Wing Chun is the art that shaped the life of Bruce Lee. The philosophical life lessons within the art of Wing Chun go far beyond fighting. For Bruce Lee, these lessons were the foundations which built his approach to life, work, philosophy, and martial arts. 

For All Ages!

People of all ages can learn Wing Chun. Kids, Seniors, Teens all benefit from learning Wing Chun in similar ways but also different ways based upon their needs. Make no mistke, Wing Chun is for all ages. Check out our Wing Chun for Kids or our Adult Wing Chun Classes.  

About Wing Chun

WING CHUN (詠春) is a concept-based Chinese martial art and form of self-defense that uses both striking and "sticking" or grappling / controlling tactics in a realistic close-range fighting. It developed around 300 years ago in southern China.

Although the true creator of Wing Chun is not known, the system is said to have been developed by a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui, who trained in Shaolin Kung Fu. Legend says that Ng Mui combined her knowledge to invent a new fighting system that helped smaller, weaker people exploit the weaknesses most common in bigger, stronger opponents. Due to its effectiveness, the new system was kept in secret and passed on to only a few, very dedicated students. Her system became known as Wing Chun, after Ng Mui's first student, a woman named Yim Wing Chun.

Wing Chun Specializes in Realistic Self-Defense.

All martial arts have value. However, most do not specialize in self-defense. Why? Some martial arts place an unrealistic focus upon competition training. Others focus too much upon fancy things that  look cool rather than what actually works. Every fighting action of Wing Chun is targeted at efficient self-defense. That's why Wing Chun’s goal is the immediate shut down of an attacker. No fancy kicks, overly complex things or competitions. Just simple, direct and efficient concepts proven over centuries and ever evolving for modern threats.

Wing Chun Teaches You How to Dominate Bigger & Stronger Attackers.

Let’s face it, it’s not the person in our own weight class that we fear, it’s the confrontation with a bigger, stronger aggressor. Wing Chun was designed to turn the tables on people like this. By using leverage, timing and precision, you learn how to be effective regardless of their size and strength.

Wing Chun is Based on Simple Science.

You won’t waste your time training hundreds of complicated techniques that never really work. With Wing Chun, you master a few, simple moves. And because of this, you learn how to become more functional, more efficient and to the point. This results in actually becoming faster with a 10th of the effort.

Wing Chun is More Efficient Than Other Martial Arts.

Wing Chun prioritizes efficiency more than other martial arts. Because of this, most martial arts can’t attack and defend at the same time. Wing Chun specializes in it. Simultaneous attack and defense is one of the reasons Wing Chun training makes you more capable and gives you the ability to end fights quicker. 

The Dragon Institute

Why Our Orange County Wing Chun School?

Why this 3X Martial Arts Black Belt Chose our Orange County Wing Chun School

Most students choose our Orange County Wing Chun school because:

They Want the Best Wing Chun in Orange County. 

Most people don't chose The Dragon Institute just because they want any “Wing Chun in Orange County, CA” or just the closest "Wing Chun school near me". Instead, they've done their research about Kung Fu in Orange County and refuse to settle for anything but the very best. They want the only school who can honestly claim "Best Wing Chun School" and back it up. They want a system so easy that anyone can follow towards predicable practical results. And they don't want to spend time just doing solo drills leading "somewhere" into the unknownThis is some of the reasons why we are consistently voted "BEST" year after year. 

They Want More Than Just Fighting!

Many choose our Orange County Wing Chun school because they seek the deeper philosophical and spiritual benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu. After all, this is the art that shaped the life of Bruce Lee. Wing Chun didn't only form the nuts and bolts of Bruce Lee's personal martial arts approach (Jeet Kune Do), it also was the basis of his personal life philosophy. When people realize the level of depth our Wing Chun offers for self-improvement in all areas of their lives and the special way they often choose our Wing Chun school. 

Orange County Wing Chun School Voted Best

Best Martial Arts in Orange County

The Dragon Institute has become one of the most recognized martial arts school in Orange County, claiming 5 "Best Martial Arts in Orange County" titles and taking 7 consecutive "Golden Lanterns" in Dana Point Times' Best of Dana Point (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)

Best Martial Arts Orange County

More Reasons to Choose Our
Orange County Wing Chun Schools


100% Satisfied Customers

I have multiple black belts, and have trained with some of the biggest names in martial arts. I had some misconceptions about Wing Chun, because I daily one-on-one with a very well known Wing Chun Sifu in the past. Instead, I was blown away by the Wing Chun training at The Dragon Institute. This is Wing Chun on a WHOLE different level….as in Hall Of Fame level! It is the most devastating martial arts that I’ve ever experienced, bar none. You owe it to yourself, no matter what your martial arts background, to learn from him!”


Testimonial 1

I felt I had an “extensive self-defense background”, having trained in Boxing, Aikido, Krav Maga, and Tae Kwon Do. Yet after taking one Wing Chun class at The Dragon Institute, I felt as though someone had pulled a blindfold off of me. Sifu Adam Williss’ incredible patience and profound understanding of the art, allows him to reveal a level of Wing Chun few people ever experience. As a “self-defense” system, Wing Chun at The Dragon Institute is extremely effective!! As a “life guidance” system, it has an undeniable positive effect on all that you do. As a man, I am kinder, gentler and wiser… I am more focused and effective in all that I do. I am also fully confident in my ability to very effectively defend myself, and others, against any attacker(s), regardless of size. Wing Chun has changed my life! Your family deserves the safety that only the very best self-defense instruction can provide.