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Best Kung Fu

"You guys are extremely lucky to have Sifu Adam Williss relocating and starting a martial arts school in Palm Coast. I say from personal experience, he is one of the very best Wing Chun sifus today. California's loss is Florida's gain!"
-Charles Bennett

Best Kung Fu

"The Dragon Institute has been the best decision we've made for our child's development. He was shy, distracted, and not very motivated prior to training with Sifu Adam and the other kids. The classes are amazing! Sifu treats them like kids but gives them a strong philosophy of discipline, confidence. respect and accountability." -Seth A., (Brady's dad)

Best Kung Fu

"I have been a student of Sifu Adam Williss for over 10 years. His knowledge and expertise of Wing Chun Kung Fu is exceptional. If you are looking for the best martial arts in Palm Coast, check out The Dragon Institute."
-Allan Gomez


Our Palm Coast Martial Arts School

501 N State St Unit 4, Bunnell, FL 32110
Located right on US 1 in Bunnell, our Wing Chun school is accessible to those not only looking for martial arts in Palm Coast, but also those searching for martial arts in the greater Palm Coast / Flagler County area like Ormond Beach, Flagler Beach, Daytona and more!

Palm Coast Martial Arts
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Kids Martial Arts

Palm Coast Kids Martial Arts Classes

Confident Kung Fu Kids

Our Palm Coast martial arts classes for kids teach practical self-defense, anti-bullying, confidence, focus, respect and discipline! We specialize in empowering kids in Palm Coast to handle bullies and realistically protect themselves. We've seen it time and time again... that moment when a child begins to realize that they can handle themselves against other kids that try to mess with them. That's when they begin to carry themselves with the kind of confidence ONLY practical martial arts can provide. Parents get to watch their child transform into a warrior right in front of them! Its why our award-winning program has been so successful in California and won so many "best martial arts". And its also why we are so excited to be able to bring our kids martial arts classes to Palm Coast. We know no other martial arts classes in Palm Coast have the power to change kids lives the way we can.

Palm Coast Martial Arts Classes (Adults)

Effective Combat-PROVEN Art for Adults

Specializing in the devastatingly effective martial art of Wing Chun, Sifu Adam Williss' teachings bring a fearless new sense of calm to self-defense in Palm Coast.

...and an enormous boost in self-confidence that infuses into every part of your life.

"If you want to know the most efficient way to fight, then learn from Sifu Adam." -Mark Allen, Self-Defense Instructor

Adult Martial Arts

Our Palm Coast Martial Arts Classes

Our Martial Arts school is proud to be able to offer authentic Ip Man lineage Wing Chun Kung Fu. Our martial arts classes bring legit Wing Chun martial arts to Palm Coast presenting both the practical applications of Wing Chun along with the brilliant science behind its time-tested principles.

Our Kung Fu heritage began in Hong Kong in the 1950s with Ip Man
and his famous martial arts student, Bruce Lee. Wing Chun Sifu Adam Williss teaches Dragon Family Wing Chun, part of the Leung Sheung lineage (Ip Man's senior-most student in Hong Kong). Dragon Family Wing Chun is a practical self-defense martial art system which works to allow a smaller person to overcome a bigger, stronger attacker. It does this by using the ground for power and solidity, tactile sensitivity to use the force of the other person and efficiency to become quicker than them.

Palm Coast Martial Arts Classes/Schedule

Here is our martial arts class schedule for adults, juniors and kids. Our school offers martial arts lessons to those looking for Kung Fu Palm Coast, Wing Chun Palm Coast, Martial Arts Palm Coast and more in the surrounding Flagler County area.

Palm Coast Martial Arts Classes

About Our Palm Coast Martial Arts Classses

Kids Martial Arts Classes
Our Palm Coast martial arts classes for kids are for children ages 5 and up. A safe and encouraging martial arts environment that not only teaches kids practical martial arts for self-defense and anti-bullying, but also focus, respect, integrity and discipline.

Teens Martial Arts Classes
Our Palm Coast martial arts classes for Teens (aka Juniors) are for ages 12 and up... an outstanding activity for teens at a time in their life when they need it the most! Dedicating themselves to such a positive practice as this builds self-control, respect, focus, their distinct identity, and meaningful relationships with kids their own age who are looking to better themselves.

Adult Martial Arts Classes
Our Palm Coast martial arts classes for adults teach practical martial arts for self-defense. A lifestyle that transforms the mind, body and spirit into a an efficient warrior. Expect a cooperative learning environment filled with people from all walks of life (seniors, young adults, men, women) where everyone helps each other. Our focus is on both practical application of the art for self-defense as well as long term development for life improvement.

Wear socks for the mat and remove all jewelry prior to class.

About Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial art known for its devastatingly close-quarters combat effectiveness. However, Wing Chun Kung Fu is not only a fighting art! Its reputation for close-quarters hand-to-hand combat overshadows the art's multi-faceted benefits. Its classification continues to confuse even some of the most experienced martial artists.

Wing Chun Kung Fu - A Life Philosophy Beyond Martial Arts

Wing Chun's mental and philosophical applications to everyday life, and journey of self-improvement, are truly endless. Within each of Wing Chun concepts, are life-changing principles that have the ability to revolutionize the way you look at things. Through the lens of Wing Chun, you learn to look at everything in whole new way... more balanced, simplifying issues, clarifying opportunities, prioritizing tasks, operating in the present, becoming more efficient, confident and self assured, relaxed and calm, focused and aware, and much, much more!

Wing Chun Kung Fu - Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellness

Wing Chun Kung Fu is in complete harmony with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its movements include powerful healing postures and exercises. Wing Chun uses deep breathing, moving meditation, postural healing and energy sensitivity drills to cleanse, balance, and circulate Chi (the life energy of the body). What's more, Wing Chun also builds flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the legs, abdominal muscles, arms, hips and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, a rooted connection to the ground, healthy movement habits, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance. Make no mistake, Wing Chun can lead to improved health, vitality and a more relaxed mind and body!

All classes taught by

Sifu Adam Williss

  • US Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee with 28 years of Wing Chun experience
  • Founder of The Dragon Institute - A school known for its dedication to high quality Wing Chun
  • One of the most sought-after Wing Chun Sifu's today (Blackbelt Magazine)
  • Sifu Adam Williss' system is insanely efficient (World of Martial Arts TV)
  • Followed by over 117K on his Wing Chun Lessons Facebook page
  • Followed by over 49K Subscribers on the Sifu Adam Williss YouTube Channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your Palm Coast martial arts school located?

Our Palm Coast martial arts school is located at 501 N State St #4, Bunnell, FL 32110

Does your Palm Coast martial arts school offer classes for all ages?

Yes. Our Palm Coast martial arts school offers martial arts classes for children, teens and adults in the Palm Coast, Florida area.

What should I expect in my first martial arts class?

  • For our Palm Coast Martial Arts Adult Students
  • - A safe, friendly learning environment without judgement
  • - A seasoned, expert instructor who will welcome you and guide you through the art with encouragement and respect
  • - A positive place where other students will help newer students learn and feel comfortable
  • - A class where everyone feels welcome yet challenge to give their all
  • For our Palm Coast Martial Arts Parents
  • - A safe, friendly learning environment for your kids 
  • - A highly experienced instructor who will immediately connect with you child yet hold them accountable for doing the right thing 
  • - A positive place where other students will help newer students learn and feel comfortable
  • - A class where everyone feels welcome yet challenge to give their all

Are your martial arts classes in Palm Coast safe?

Yes, our whether its you are your kids, our martial arts classes in Palm Coast are very safe. In fact, we pride ourselves on being able to teach highly practical martial arts for kids and adults in a very profressional facility and safe environment. 

How old do my children need to be to take your martial arts classes in Palm Coast?

Children need to be at least 5 years old to take our martial arts classes here in Palm Coast.

Do I need to be in shape to join your martial arts classes?

Wing Chun is a soft, internal type of martial art. Unlike most other martial arts, Wing Chun uses good posture, position and leverage instead of putting strain on body. We say, 'train smarter. not harder.' This is why people can train Wing Chun well into old age or even with physical limitations. 

What kind of payment does your Palm Coast martial arts school accept?

Our Palm Coast martial arts school accept cash, check, debit cards, credit cards and direct bank transfer.

How much is your Palm Coast martial arts class tuition?

We have a few options for group martial arts class tuition based upon the length of time you can commit to training with us. If you agree to train with us for a year upfront, your class tution is less than if you can only commit to training for one month with us. Please contact us to rquest our current tuition options.

How many people are in your Palm Coast martial arts class?

Class sizes range in size based upon the day. Usually classes are between 5-10 people. 

What should I wear to my first martial arts class?

Just wear something you feel comfortable moving around in. Wear socks for the mat for pivoting and remove any jewelry you may wear.  

Do I need any prior experience to start practicing martial arts in Palm Coast?

No, our martial arts school in Palm Coast is are open to students of all levels, including beginners.

How do I choose a martial arts school in Palm Coast?

When choosing a martial arts school in Palm Coast, consider what you want. Do you want to do tournaments/competitions or would you rather focus on self-defense? If it's a practical martial art for self-defense in Palm Coast, it's difficult not to choose The Dragon Institute.

What are the benefits of practicing martial arts in Palm Coast and more specifically Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Practicing martial arts in Palm Coast can have a variety of benefits, like improved physical fitness, increased self-confidence, stress relief, and improved discipline and focus. But training Wing Chun goes further by teaching you how to use an opponent's energy against them. This means that even smaller, weaker people can defend themselves against stronger opponents.