Kung Fu Orange County

Kung Fu Orange County

Orange County’s Kung Fu Headquarters

Our Kung Fu school in Irvine/Lake Forest is the Orange County headquarters of The Dragon Institute. Founded in 2010, The Dragon Institute has built a community of students all across Orange County, California. Led by Kung Fu Sifu Derrick Mansell, The Dragon Institute’s OC Kung Fu headquarters has become known for its uncompromising dedication to quality and practicality.

Voted Best Kung Fu in Orange County, CA

Best Kung FuFor those in the Orange County, CA area searching for “Best Kung Fu in Orange County” or “Best Kung Fu schools in Orange County”,  The Dragon Institute has grown to become Orange County’s go to source for Kung Fu. Voted Best Kung Fu in Orange County, CA, The Dragon Institute, offers authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu classes in Orange County. Our Kung Fu legacy was passed down to us in a direct lineage from Grandmaster Ip Man (Yip Man). Ip Man was the first person to have a public Wing Chun Kung Fu school and was also famous for being Bruce Lee’s teacher (sifu).

Our Orange County Kung Fu schools are located in Lake Forest/Irvine and Dana Point/San Clemente. Our students range all different ages from adults to kids. Our schools have Kung Fu classes for kids as young as 5 and kung fu classes for adults as old as 75.

OC Kung Fu School – Irvine/Lake Forest

Kung Fu Orange County

What is Kung Fu?
Kung Fu OC - Bruce Lee - Yip ManKung Fu generally refers to Chinese martial arts. It involves the act of studying, learning or practicing and takes patience, energy and time to complete. But its original meaning, is something different altogether. Kung Fu really means any skill or discipline developed through hard work and practice… not only fighting or martial arts. 

Even though there are many different types of Kung Fu, Wing Chun is one of the most popular due to its practicality and efficiency. It is also the type of Kung Fu that Bruce Lee practiced.

OC Kung Fu School – Orange County, California

Kung Fu Orange CountyOur Orange County Kung Fu school specializes in the effective close-quarters kung fu system of Wing Chun in OC. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a fighting system that uses one’s own natural body structure to develop power and speed. Our Orange County students learn efficient tools to deal with the reality of violent physical assault.

Wing Chun is a unique and scientific form of kung fu. Wing Chun is a type of Kung Fu that originates in China, later refined in Hong Kong. Its specialty lies in realistic self-defense and close-quarters combat. By using quick punches and low kicks with a tight defense, our Orange County students are able to make a quick advance. Wing Chun Kung Fu’s effectiveness is achieved by well-timed attacks along with a simultaneous defense.

Many self-defense experts choose Wing Chun Kung Fu as their personal choice of hand-to-hand combat.  The most important lesson that our OC Kung Fu students must learn is to deliver the correct amount of energy. They are taught to  stay as relaxed as possible. Our students learn to overcome force with positioning and footwork rather than meeting force head on. Our OC Kung Fu classes also teach kicks and sweeps, palm strikes, elbows and knees. In addition, trapping and stand-up grappling control techniques are part of our fighting arsenal.

Kung Fu Schools in Orange County

Are you searching for Orange County Kung Fu, OC Kung Fu schools or Orange County Kung Fu Classes? Our school is the Orange County headquarters for The Dragon Institute. Serving OC and the greater Irvine martial arts community, our school is located at 22762 Aspan St Suite 210, Lake Forest, CA 92630

Kung Fu Orange County School

Our Kung Fu Classes

Our Kung Fu classes offer unique self-improvement of the mind, body and spirit – an integrated approach to higher levels of self-development and enrichment you simply don’t find in other activities, sports or other types of training. Our Kung Fu class instructors keep you motivated with engaging and fun classes, personalized one-on-one instruction and caring guidance for not only practical kung fu application for self-defense, but also applying kung fu to your daily life.

OC Kung Fu Classes Kids Kung Fu in OC

Practical Kung Fu in OC

Not all Kung Fu specializes in practical training. Some are more interested in cultural preservation, others enjoy theoretical historical training and yet others practice Kung Fu for demonstration and form. However our OC Kung Fu school is first and foremost practical. Everything we practice is for modern, real world application and development. Fancy moves and theatrical gymnastics aren’t found here. Instead, sparring, pressure testing and alive training is a part of our Kung Fu in OC.

Practical Kung Fu in OC