Irvine Kung Fu Martial Arts Classes

Irvine Kung Fu 
(Wing Chun Irvine)

*World-Class Wing Chun Kung Fu Instruction!

*Award-Winning Kung Fu School (5x Winner of "Best in OC")

*Authentic Ip Man Wing Chun Lineage!

*State-of-the-Art Professional Training Facility!

*Convenient Evening Classes for Adults, Teens and Kids!

Best Kung Fu

"I've searched from LA to Orange County to San Diego for the best Wing Chun Kung Fu classes. After two years and three different instructors, I finally found The Dragon Institute in Orange County. This is REAL Wing Chun martial arts - pure, authentic, not watered down!" -Ryan Gonzalez, Irvine, CA

Best Kung Fu

"GREAT instructors who not only know their stuff but also work hard to help each student succeed." -Tracy Wong, Irvine, CA

The Dragon Institute, 8 Hammond #113, Irvine, CA 92618

Our Kung Fu Classes (aka Wing Chun Classes)

Our Wing Chun school is proud to be able to offer world-class Wing Chun Kung Fu in Irvine, CA. award-winning martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu) classes in Irvine. Our Wing Chun classes bring high quality Wing Chun to Irvine presenting both the practical applications of Wing Chun along with the brilliant science behind its principles.

Our Kung Fu heritage began in Hong Kong in the 1950s with Ip Man
and his famous martial arts student, Bruce Lee. Our Wing Chun instructors are direct descendants of Ip Man's Wing Chun lineage proud to carry on his tradition of Wing Chun Kung Fu in Irvine through a strong commitment to world-class training and hands-on expert instruction.

Class Schedule

Here is our full class schedule for our adults, juniors and kids.

Our adult classes are 90 minutes long and include warm-ups, forms, drills, a lesson of the day and application-based training and/or sparring.

Class sizes are kept small and range in size, anywhere from 3 to 10 students per class.

There are all levels in each class. It is a very cooperative student environment where senior students get excited about sharing their passion of Wing Chun with the newer students. Our students are all very friendly, encouraging and love to help! Because of this, classes listed on our schedule are all great for beginners!

We do have an adult martial arts curriculum but adults don't wear belts or sashes. Rather, we have personal levels and certificates along the way.

We recommend wearing comfortable workout attire and socks for the Irvine location.

You can expect a safe and encouraging environment for your child. An environment that in addition to teaching kids practical martial arts for self-defense, also teaches focus, respect and discipline.

Beginners Kids classes are for new students (children ages 5-10). They are 40 minutes long.

Kids Level II are for students (children ages 5-10) that have been with us for a longer time. These classes are also 40 minutes long.

Juniors (aka Teens Classes) are for both beginners and longer term students ages 11-15. They are 60 minutes long.

Class size will range, anywhere from 8-15 students. In addition to our head instructor (Sifu), we also have a coach to assist throughout class.

While we do not participate in tournaments or competitions, there is monthly testing to help keep the kids on track with the curriculum.

About Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts

Wing Chun is a martial art known for its devastatingly close-quarters combat effectiveness. However, Wing Chun not only a fighting art! Its reputation for close-quarters hand-to-hand combat overshadows the art's multi-faceted health benefits. Its classification continues to confuse even some of the most experienced martial artists.

Wing Chun Kung Fu - A Life Philosophy Beyond Martial Arts

Wing Chun's mental and philosophical applications to everyday life, and journey of self-improvement, are truly endless. Within each of Wing Chun concepts, are life-changing principles that have the ability to revolutionize the way you look at things. Through the lens of Wing Chun, you learn to look at everything in whole new way... more balanced, simplifying issues, clarifying opportunities, prioritizing tasks, operating in the present, becoming more efficient, confident and self assured, relaxed and calm, focused and aware, and much, much more!

Wing Chun Kung Fu - Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellness

Wing Chun Kung Fu is in complete harmony with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its movements includes powerful healing postures and exercises. Wing Chun uses deep breathing, moving meditation, postural healing and energy sensitivity drills to cleanse, balance, and circulate Chi (the life energy of the body). What's more, Wing Chun also builds flexibility, muscle strength and endurance in the legs, abdominal muscles, arms, hips and back. It puts emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing, a rooted connection to the ground, healthy movement habits, developing a strong core and improving coordination and balance. Make no mistake, Wing Chun can lead to improved health, vitality and a more relaxed mind and body!