Self Defense Training


With a focus on practical, realistic self defense training, our Orange County Wing Chun schools can help you achieve the confidence you are looking for. Self Defense training is often about achieving the piece of mind you want to have. Competition level martial arts training does not exactly prepare you for practical self defense and this is the focus of many training facilities in Orange County. What our self-defense classes focus on is the best way to defend yourself and remain safe.

Here are 3 Self-Defense Concepts that Everyone Should Know:

In Self-Defense, Prevention is Key!

Prevention is the best self-defense, there are many steps you can take to avoid an attacker before it even starts. Usually a potential attacker is looking for unsuspecting and vulnerable prey

Some Quick Self Defense Tips Include:

  • Staying in well-lit areas
  • Being aware of your surroundings
  • Having keys ready when walking to your car or front door
  • Giving your wallet, money or purse to an attacker to get them to leave

How to Avoid Needed to Physically Defend Yourself

As well as avoiding confrontation you can attempt to defuse the situation before assault is the issue. Talking with your attacker calmly can be another way to avoid confrontation as well as personalizing yourself to the assailant. Remember, anything material can be replaced, your life cannot. If assault or the ensuing violence is not avoidable you will want to be prepared ahead of time, prepared to fight back practically. Since your attacker is unlikely to be smaller in size or weaker than you we specialize in self defense training to fight off a more powerful attacker. With the right skills you can be confident that you can accomplish fighting off even the strongest and biggest opponents.

In any confrontation there is a point of no return so to speak, where escape becomes impossible. When you reach this point, or the attacker gets their hands on you a common tactic is to shout at the attacker to BACK OFF. The goal of this strategy is to both signal for help and let the person know that you will not be easy prey.

Defending Yourself

When a confrontation begins there is little time for thought and quick action is needed to avoid injury. Before your assailant gains control over you, you must do everything you can while conserving as much energy as you can. Inflicting as much injury as you need to get away is the point of self-defense, you do not need to incapacitate your attacker to do this. Areas like the eyes, nose, throat, groin and knees are the quickest routes to getting your attacker to back off.

Self-Defense Training

You will also want to strike your attacker in the area that you can reach quickest depending on the position of your attacker. Not being prepared to defend yourself though is the largest reason people fail at self-defense. Nothing is a better measure than doing the training it takes to be ready to defend yourself. Check out local classes and resources depending on your location. We have two locations, one in Dana Point and one in Irvine that teach regular self defense classes for every ability level. Give us a call or reach out via our contact page if we can help you with self-defense, good luck and stay safe!