Own It - Kung Fu Life Lessons

Own It!

Stop with the excuses and start dominating!

Forget about what other people are telling you.

  1. Stop competing
  2. Stop playing
  3. Stop hiding
  4. Stop deceiving yourself… with all these damn excuses as to why you aren’t where you want to be.

It’s nobody else’s fault but yourself!

So you had a hard life… so your parents weren’t what you wanted them to be…

So what!

Own your life. Own your decisions. Own the place that you are right now. Own your successes and own your failures.

Only when you take full responsibility and full ownership for..

  1. Who you are
  2. Where you are currently
  3. Where you’re headed

Are you going to get there (get to the place that you want to be).

Because ownership is how you learn to succeed and a lack of ownership is how you learn to fail.

It’s that simple!

2 thoughts on “Own It!”

  1. honest wisdom! brilliant!
    yes, responsibility for words and deeds (including words and thoughts to yourself)
    This and Attack the Day” are so motivating. If your classes are anything of this motivational nature, you are rebuilding and fortifying people every class.

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