Kung Fu Mind

Kung Fu Mind

The Kung Fu Mind refers to the amazing mental powers of ancient Kung Fu masters. It is drastically different from the today’s mainstream mindset. And also elusive to even many long-term Kung Fu practitioners today.

However, the Kung Fu Mind is one of the most revered in all of humanity. This short article I wrote, called “Extraordinary Strength” helps to shed some light on what the Kung Fu Mind means. 

Extraordinary Strength: The Power of The Kung Fu Mind

How strong are you?

I mean mentally. How strong are you day-to-day and how strong are you at those pivotal moments.

You know, those moments when the world comes crashing down on you and you feel all alone.

Because its not a matter of if it will, its when it does. Those moments happen to everyone at several points in their lives.

Well, this is exactly why I train Kung Fu. Because Kung Fu holds you personally accountable for facing your fears and growing each and every day.

It demands the very best of you by making you be more mindful every second of the day.

It says, “you could do that better” or “your could be more focused right now”.

Kung Fu says, “stop hiding and start living” and asks you daily “are you going to be a coward or a warrior today”.

It demands you to be successful, but not just in any way. It says, “you need to do this with grace and humility.”

In fact, nothing I’ve ever experienced has its depth nor its honesty.

I say this with no disrespect to the many things I’ve done in my life. To all the activities, meetings, organizations, sports, other martial arts I’ve done. Many of them have been pivotal in my life.

But Kung Fu is just different. Deeper. More honest.

And while many can’t and won’t ever understand why I do what I do.

I, on the other hand, have put in the real work necessary to see and feel its depth… and will continue to do the hardwork necessary to reach higher personal levels.

Because this very special mental strength isn’t common.

In fact, its nothing short of extraordinary!

More on the Kung Fu Mind

The Kung Fu Mind

Practicing Kung Fu has many facets to it. Here’s some of what goes into developing the “Kung Fu Mind”.

Holistic Development: Unlike some modern physical disciplines that focus solely on external strength, Kung Fu emphasizes holistic development. This includes not just physical prowess, but also mental sharpness, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

Harmony with Nature: Inspired by Daoist principles, Kung Fu practitioners often seek harmony with the natural world. This means understanding and moving with the flow of life rather than against it, and recognizing that resistance often leads to unnecessary strife.

Patience and Perseverance: Kung Fu teaches that mastery takes time. Instant gratification is not a principle in traditional Kung Fu. Instead, students are taught to value patience, perseverance, and the importance of consistent, dedicated practice over many years.

Moral Integrity: Many Kung Fu systems come with a set of moral guidelines, rooted in Confucian ideals. This often includes principles like respect for others, humility, righteousness, and the idea that martial skills should be used responsibly.

Meditative Focus: The Kung Fu mind values a deep, meditative focus. This isn’t just about fighting or self-defense, but about mastering oneself. Many forms and exercises in Kung Fu are designed to hone this meditative concentration.

Understanding of Energy (Qi): Traditional Chinese martial arts place a significant emphasis on the cultivation and manipulation of “Qi” (often translated as “life energy” or “life force”). Practitioners learn to harness, direct, and balance this energy within their bodies.

Balance and Yin-Yang: The principle of Yin and Yang – the concept of dual forces in harmony – is central to many Kung Fu styles. This can be seen in the fluidity of movements that alternate between soft (yin) and hard (yang), as well as strategies that involve both defense and offense.

Respect for Tradition: Kung Fu comes with rich history and tradition. There’s deep respect for lineage, with knowledge being passed down from one generation to the next. This respect for tradition fosters a sense of continuity, discipline, and reverence for the art.

The Kung Fu mind isn’t just about martial prowess; it’s a way of life. It values balance, patience, respect and personal growth. Although these principles can be found in parts in other areas, the integration and practical application of them is unique in the practice of high level Kung Fu.

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