A Dragon is Built, Not Born

Dragon Built Not BornTaking on a new endeavor takes strength. You know you aren’t going to be good at new things at first. You know it’s going to be a challenge. You know you’re going to feel like an idiot as you fail. But its developing yourself into a Dragon means that you do it anyway. And, most importantly, when things don’t go your way, you have to be the one who works harder than others do. Because you refuse to quit.

What many people can’t or don’t fully accept or realize is that its their actions today that develop them into who they want to be. Instead, they blame others for their disappointments instead of taking responsibility and deciding to work harder. But when you allow yourself to blame others for your mistakes, you take the coward’s approach. And no matter who you lie to about it, you’ll never fool yourself. You see, when you blame others you give yourself an out. You don’t allow yourself to take accountability for poor results. And you can’t authentically learn from them. But its this blame approach which every failing person does as they prepare to give up. But poor results can’t be justified by throwing it on someone else. Even if it actually is someone else’s fault, you can’t wait on someone else to change. Its you who needs to take action.

So you see, a Dragon is built, not born. Strength and weakness are developed through hard work or a lack of it. Those who consistently are too afraid to fail and when they do are too ego-bruised to carry on will never truly progress in life. Only those who are able to be completely honest with themselves will be able to learn from their mistakes. It’s our mistakes which change us, if we let them. It’s our actions after we get poor results which shape our future.

Be a Dragon!

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