How to Find the Best Wing Chun

how to find the best wing chun

The Best Wing Chun – By Sifu Adam Williss

So you want to find “the best Wing Chun?” But what if I told you that finding the best Wing Chun isn’t about a sifu or a lineage? The best Wing Chun isn’t about what other people think. And deep down you already know that.

You know it it because you’re not like them. Unlike them, you know there’s more. Everything tells you that this entire thing is meant to be more. Every drill, every practice, every situation and every concept has led you to go deeper. 

This is Wing Chun. The art that makes no apologies for being different… for being the round peg in the square hole. For attracting the rebels and those who see things differently.

While the conformists and small-minded see this art as traditional or classical, we see Wing Chun at its best as anything but classical. Whether these labels are being placed upon us by traditionalists or contemporary martial artists, isn’t relevant to us. The end result remains the same.

Now don’t get us wrong. Our issue isn’t with tradition itself. It’s with the limitations which are created when we become bound by tradition.

For Wing Chun to be truly limitless, we must recognize the value in the tradition but also be willing to empty our cup and seek innovation.

And here’s the truth… it isn’t a lack of trust in tradition that keeps the best that Wing Chun has to offer away from others. It is a lack of trust in natural evolution. For us, the Wing Chun at its best never looks for dead patterns or to preserve history alone. We’re looking to seek more. In fact, we believe this entire art is about seeking more and looking beyond for no limitations.

The Best Wing Chun has an Objective 

The true objective of Wing Chun must always remain about efficiency. Never should simplicity, directness and efficiency go by the wayside. When a threat is imminent, a Wing Chun practitioner must always remember that the most direct and most efficient action is to simply attack their center. Dominating their centerline cannot ever be forgotten. These are the delineating factors which keep Wing Chun keep Wing Chun.

Limiting Beliefs of Traditionalists

However, moving outside the box is extremely important in order to understand the best Wing Chun has to offer. The insight you gain from taking Wing Chun outside it’s comfort zones can be both enlightening and inspiring. We must not be afraid to break the rules in order to appreciate the rules more fully. In doing so, you free yourself from a mindset in order to see things more completely.

Many traditionalists focus so much of their attention upon trying to perfect themselves that they miss what’s right in front of them. Remember that Wing Chun is meant to help you to progress. It is never meant to limit you.

Limiting Beliefs of Progressivists

Progressivists tend to look too much into innovation without seeking to fully understand tradition. They focus so much on trying to reinvent the wheel that they often miss generations of insights. Too often, progressivists have such a shallow outlook upon traditional training that they just can’t trust in things they can’t immediately see working. So instead of trusting in the path, they seek to create a new path too far removed from the exact attributes which make traditional methods work.

Many progressivists focus so much of their attention upon trying to apply based upon their current abilities that they don’t seek to invest in their development for the future. This makes their training reach a ceiling which they can’t get past.

The Best Wing Chun has Balance

The balance that the best Wing Chun practitioners must have is nothing short of amazing. There’s nothing easy about walking a fine line of tradition and innovation. It’s much easier to be one or the other. Only through balance can we find no limations.