You Don’t Have To, You Get To

You don’t “have” to practice Kung Fu.
You “get” to practice Kung Fu.

You don’t “have” to work hard.
You “get” to work hard.

Whatever it is you want, the things you do “get” you there. If you “have” to do something, that’s not freedom. Freedom is “getting” to be able to work hard in order to achieve.

Free yourself from your self-imposed mental limitations. Think how masters think and focus on what you want. Refuse to allow yourself to get distracted by negative thoughts, excuses, internal complaining or laziness. Focus on the gift of having the freedom and ability to practice kung fu and work hard.

Because this is a gift that your life has given you. The gift is the journey. It is the power to act. Appreciate your power by feeding it with more of your energy.

A key to doing this is how you talk to yourself. Words and self-talk have a lot of influence upon our actions over time. In other words, how you talk to yourself matters.

Replace the word “need” or “have” with “get” and watch your struggles disappear!

Kung Fu Life Lessons