Wing Chun Solo Training Drills

Wing Chun Solo Training Drills

A Beginners Training Guide for Wing Chun Solo Drills

Training Wing Chun drills solo isn’t always easy. Its hard to know which solo drills to train at home and which Wing Chun drills you need to practice with a partner. Plus, there are plenty of solo Wing Chun drills you could train, but which solo drills are for beginners and which are more advanced Wing Chun drills?

First of all…

How Do You Practice Wing Chun Alone?

When you don’t have a hands-on Wing Chun teacher, local school or Wing Chun practice partner, alone is simply the only way you can learn Wing Chun. So how to practice Wing Chun alone? You need a structured, step-by-step Wing Chun program. Why? Because its hard enough learning Wing Chun alone. Randomly learning Wing Chun alone without a structure progam is a recipe for failure. Lots of people try it. But noone actually gets good because they don’t have a specific path to follow. In order to practice Wing Chun alone you need the following:

  1. Decide on one specific Wing Chun sifu to follow. Forget the rest, they may seem good but following different approaches will just confuse you.
  2. Step-by-Step Wing Chun program. Get a structured program, a specific path to follow.
  3. Make a daily training habit. Set a Wing Chun solo practice schedule. Habits should start small. As little as 2 minutes a day. Engraining a habit is more important than the amount of time training each day.

So the question is…

How Do I Learn Wing Chun on my Own?

Below are the steps for learning Wing Chun on your own. Assuming you’re a beginner to Wing Chun, following these steps will help greatly!

  1. Find a Wing Chun School Online/Experienced Wing Chun Teacher
  2. Find an Online Wing Chun course they offer
  3. Invest in learning their course (This is really investing in yourself!)
  4. Learn all the material provided (listen and follow)
  5. Famililarize yourself with Wing Chun terms & techniques
  6. Learning Wing Chun Solo Drills are a Necessity
  7. Set a daily practice goal for yourself
  8. Train hard on your own, be consistent.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask your sifu questions

Wing Chun Solo Drill Categories

First, there are many ways to divide up solo training drills. Here are a few categories:

  1. Solo Wing Chun drills for beginners
  2. Wing Chun training drills to practice in the air
  3. Wing Chun footwork drills
  4. Wing Chun dummy drills
  5. Wing Chun Application drills
  6. Wing Chun hand drills for development
  7. Separate exercises (Wing Chun san sik)
  8. Empty hand forms

Solo Wing Chun Drills for Beginners

Knowing which solo Wing Chun drills are for beginners can be tricky. As a beginner, trying to practice a solo drill for advanced Wing Chun practitioners will make you feel overwhelmed. Here are some examples of Wing Chun beginners drills your can practice alone. You could call them Wing Chun hand drills or Wing Chun footwork drills because they contain both. These drills help you to able to use your Wing Chun hands and feet together.

5 Wing Chun Solo Drills for Beginners (The Da’s)

Wing Chun Hand Drill for Solo Training (Bong Wu Tan Da)

Wing Chun Solo Training Drill (Switching Kwan Saos)

Wing Chun Footwork Training Drill for Beginners