Wing Chun Sleeves

Wing Chun Sleeves

Wing Chun sleeves are commonly worn by practitioners during training. They are worn on the forearms and are used to protect the arms and wrists during training.

What Do Wing Chun Sleeves Protect?
Wing Chun practitioners wear arm sleeves to prevent spread of transmittable skin diseases associated with hand-to-hand sports contact. Additionally arm sleeves prevent abrasions caused by arm friction between practitioners and while training on the wooden dummy.

What are Wing Chun Sleeves Made of?
Wing Chun sleeves are typically made of spandex or nylon to give protection. It covers from about the elbow and reaches till the wrist. Some with thumbholes go over part of the hand as well.

In Wing Chun, sleeves are used for a variety of partner drills and other exercises including trapping drills, and sparring. Wing Chun sleeves are also used in the practice of “chi sao,” or “sticky hands,” a drill that involves sticking to your opponent’s center and involves arm contact. Chi sao training helps students develop their reflexes and learn how to respond to various attacks and movements.

While Wing Chun sleeves are a common part of training, they are not necessary. They neither help nor hurt a Wing Chun practitioner’s development of sensitivity or application.


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