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Wing Chun Dummy for Beginners (How to Use A Wing Chun Dummy)

How to Use a Wing Chun Dummy

In this Wing Chun beginners lesson, I’ll discuss how to use the Wing Chun wooden dummy. This Wing Chun online video helps beginners to Wing Chun understand what the wooden dummy is for and what its meant to develop.

 :: Looking to build your own dummy? Here are Wing Chun Dummy Plans ::

Wooden Dummy Lesson for Beginners

Here is a wooden dummy lesson for beginners that details how to do the first set of the Wing Chun dummy. Great for those looking to learn how to use the Wing Chun dummy, I created it recently during a private session with one of my local beginner Wing Chun students here in Dana Point, California. The tutorial includes the first set of the Wing Chun wooden dummy form as taught here at The Dragon Institute. We teach the Leung Sheung method of the mook jong. This set is referred to as number ten (#10).

4 Wooden Dummy Tips for Beginners

What is the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy for?

The wooden dummy is for position and footwork. It also helps to develop efficient transitions from one position to the next. Used properly for your Wing Chun training it can and should be the best training device around!

This to avoid when training the wooden dummy:

Hacking at the dummy arms, crossing the centerline and chasing the dummy arms. You don’t have to hit the dummy hard to be effective. The wooden dummy is about precision. It teaches you the feel of the right positions to be in (aka the sweet spots). Some may think wooden dummy training is meant to condition your bones, but that’s not what its for at all. Instead a Wing Chun beginner should train the wooden dummy in order to develop good structure, position and sensitivity.


 :: Looking to build your own dummy? Here are Wing Chun Dummy Plans ::