The Ritual of the Warrior

Ritual of the Warrior
The Ritual of the Warrior – By Adam Williss, 2020.

The ritual of the warrior makes no apologies for its mysterious posture and movements. It could care less if a beginner can wrap their mind around its subtle power. The ritual says, “I am not going to make any efforts what so ever to try to dumb this down for you, to make it interesting or exciting for you. Because being a warrior isn’t for everyone. You have to earn the right to be called a warrior by embracing the simplicity of the ritual.

Those who fear their own silence and are too insecure to quiet their mind won’t be able to stop chasing the noise. The ritual naturally weeds out people. However, those with the patience to trust the process become a part of something very unique. They connect themselves to the universal truths of the warrior. And because of their faithful practice of the ritual, they gradually transform themselves. Grounded. Courageous. Peaceful. Secure. Most of the world can’t have this. They aren’t supposed to have it. Only the few earn the right.

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