Make Time - If It Matters - Adam Williss

Make Time, If it Really Matters

Make time. It’s that simple. If it really matters to you, make time. You can make time or you can make excuses but you can’t make both. Which one’s it going to be?

When I hear people say that they don’t have time, I know they’re lying to themselves. And because of that lie to themselves is the exact reason they bring that same BS to others. You either make time because it matters, or you don’t. But be honest with yourself! If you don’t value you something enough you won’t make time for it. So how much do you value what you want? How much do you really care? How much does it matter to you? That’s why you never have time for it. Because it doesn’t really matter that much to you. Things that matter we do.

So ask yourself if what you want really matters to you? And if it does, stop making excuses and cop-outs… and make time for it. Today is the only time you have control over. Today is your only shot. Tomorrow is more of the BS you tell yourself. One day is more of the BS you tell yourself. Do it now. Tomorrow is promised to no one. All we have is today.