Learn Wing Chun Like IP MAN

Learn Wing Chun Like Ip Man

Here is a new video lesson that helps beginners learn Wing Chun like Ip Man, the REAL Ip Man (aka Yip Man) that is.

Using footage taken just before Ip Man died, beginners can learn how Ip Man did his Wing Chun at that time of his life.

Knowing he was dying of cancer, Ip Man had his Wing Chun forms videoed on an old 8mm movie camera in 1972. It is said that he did so because he wanted to preserve the forms for future generations.

We’ve taken that orginal Ip Man Wing Chun footage and broken it down for beginners to use in their training.

There are 5 Wing Chun subjects broken down for beginners. You learn…

  1. Wing Chun’s chain punching
  2. The Wing Chun dummy
  3. Siu Nim Tao
  4. Chum Kiu
  5. Wing Chun stances and structure

Note that the sequence in Ip Man’s Wing Chun forms differs from the sequence taught at The Dragon Institute. Forms should be living and ever-evolving. Although this video shows the sequence Ip Man practiced at the end of his life, his forms changed over his lifetime, just as forms should. Therefore its important not to take Ip Man’s sequence pattern on this video as the only way it should/must be practiced.

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