Ip Man’s Forms

Ip Man's Forms

Before he died in 1972, Ip Man recorded 3 forms on 8mm video. Here are the original videos of the forms Ip Man recorded. They have now been restored in color.

Ip Man Form 1 – Siu Nim Tao

SIU NIM TAO is the little idea form. It is both a beginner’s form and the most advanced form. Although simple on the surface, it contains the true seeds of growth for the mind, body and spirit. Ip Man said, “If your Siu Nim Tao form is not good, then your Wing Chun is not good.”

Ip Man Form 2 – Chum Kiu

CHUM KIU is the seeking bridge form. It builds upon the first form bringing movement, angling, stepping and kicking into a student’s training.

Ip Man Form 3 – Mook Yan Jong

MOOK YAN JONG is the wooden dummy form. The dummy form teaches the student how to maneuver around an object as well as applications for striking, kicking and grappling.

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