How to Punch Like IP MAN

How to Chain Punch Like Ip Man

In this Wing Chun lesson, we are going to break down how to chain punch like Ip Man. They are those rapid fire punches, sometimes called “roll punches” or “straight blasts”, that attack like a machine gun overwhelming and pummeling an opponent. Many have seen Ip Man’s chain punches and wondered how to do them. Well that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this Wing Chun punching lesson. However, we won’t show you how to chain punch like Donnie Yen. He’s an actor. We’ll show you steps on how to do it the REAL way.

Ip Man Chain Punching Tutorial

Knowing how to chain punch is an important part of Wing Chun. Sifu Adam Williss, a 28-year Wing Chun practitioner will give you 4 simple steps as he teaches you how to chain punch like Ip Man.

Step 1: Targeting the Same Spot

The first rule is to consistently target the same spot with every punch. To practice, stand in front of a mirror, choose a spot, and ensure that every punch you throw accurately lands on this designated point.

Step 2: Perfecting the Replacement of Hands

When replacing one hand with another, it is essential to have correct timing and position to achieve simultaneous contact. The hand moving backward travels a greater distance, thus it should initiate movement slightly before the forward hand, which moves directly towards the target.

Step 3: Dominating the Central Plane

We often refer to the central plane as the “freeway”, representing the most direct and efficient path from you to your opponent. One of your elbows should always remain close to this imaginary central line, while the other should be positioned behind the wrist of your other hand. This allows you to maintain a strong, elbow-driven force, even when your elbow is positioned behind you.

Step 4: Mastering the Freeway Principle

Understanding and dominating the “freeway” – the most direct line between you and your opponent – is pivotal. When you punch from your center to your opponent’s center, you effectively block their most efficient path to you, forcing them to take a less direct, less efficient route to reach you.

Advanced Techniques: Reverse Chain Punching

Once you have mastered the traditional chain punching technique, you can explore reverse chain punches where punches can be executed underneath, following the path of least resistance. The key to mastering the reverse chain punch is to efficiently retract the hand that has finished punching to create room for the next punch, maintaining the straight and direct path.

In conclusion, inderstanding these principles of chain punching will not only enhance your attack but also create a defensive shield through your attacking motion. Remember, in Wing Chun, “punches always come from the heart”, which means  that they are direct and efficient attacks from your center to your opponent’s center.

Stay patient and keep practicing to hone your precision. Precision is what sets apart a true Wing Chun practitioner from the rest. It’s all about finding the quickest and most direct path, forcing your opponent to take the longer, slower route.

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