How to Get Good at Wing Chun

How to get good at Wing Chun

Getting good at Wing Chun is far from easy. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. The truth is that it’s much easier to fail at Wing Chun than it is to actually get good at it. That’s one of the reasons there are so many people who practice Wing Chun who aren’t very good or who quit and move onto something easier to achieve.

It takes a certain kind of person to get good at Wing Chun. Most are too controlled by their ego or fears to get good. Its these same people who worry about “how long it takes to be good at Wing Chun”. But its not a matter of how long it takes. Its a matter of HOW and IF a student even has what it takes to get good.

Questioning how long it takes to get good comes from people who are weighing their options. Basically they aren’t committed to getting good. But that’s just it… if you want to get good at Wing Chun, you need to be committed to it without question. Those who are fully committed are the only one’s who will ever get good at Wing Chun.

The people who get good don’t care how long it takes. Instead, they spend their time doing exact what and whatever it takes.

So if you TRULY want to get good at Wing Chun, focus on what you CAN do, IN the present, based on knowledge you have RIGHT NOW, nothing more.

Here’s a simple recipe on improving your Wing Chun…

Improve Your Wing ChunHow to Improve Your Wing Chun (A Recipe)

Getting good at Wing Chun is a combination of a 4 important ingredients. Each of which blend together to achieve a great recipe.

  1. Long-Term Commitment to Getting Good – Regardless of how long it takes
  2. Trusting & Following Your Sifu’s Advice – Stop thinking you know better!
  3. Hands-on Training with Your Sifu – There’s no substitute for good hands-on training
  4. Practicing Wing Chun at Home on Your Own – The more you practice the more you will improve.

Let’s talk about specifics on what these ingredients mean…

What is a Long-Term Commitment to Wing Chun?

Everyone wants to get good at Wing Chun as quickly as possible. But successful students make a long-term commitment to getting good at Wing Chun. This means 10 years or more. Short-term students don’t get good. A 6-month training commitment certainly isn’t enough. And no… a 3-year commitment isn’t enough either. The way to stop worring about how long it takes to get good at Wing Chun is by commiting yourself long-term. Once you allow yourself to accept that this is going to take a while, you won’t feel rushed or impatient at your progress or lack of progress. Wing Chun is just what you do. Because time is no limitation to your commitment to getting good.

Trusting Your Sifu

Almost every good Wing Chun practitioner has a great sifu. And a great sifu knows exactly how to help you get good at Wing Chun. That’s where trust comes in. Trusting your sifu is one of the most important things you will do. It’s a sifu’s job to help students get good. Sifu’s teach all the time, so they know what they are doing. As a student, listening to everything they say is crucial. Its important to accept the fact that everything they are telling you to do is for you to improve. Once you learn to trust your sifu, you will listen and follow their advice.

Hands-On Training with Your Sifu

There’s no substitute for good hands-on training with an expert. Of course you can learn a good amount of Wing Chun online through the use of videos, solo drills, etc. But don’t ever forget that you need hands-on training to get good. Your sifu will be able to feel what you need based on what your hands feel like. If you want to swim, get in the water. Whether this is in class or in private training, you need this as much as you can.

Practicing Wing Chun at Home on Your Own

Those who get good at Wing Chun are willing to put the time and effort into practicing on their own at home. It may not seem that important but it is. The more you practice the more you improve. This means you will develop the muscle memory specific to Wing Chun. Then your Wing Chun moves will come out when needed. When you combine Wing Chun practice at home with your commitment, trust and regular class attendance, you will see a greater improvement (like a supercharge) to your Wing Chun training.

Here’s some tips on how to get good at Wing Chun…

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