How to Defend in Wing Chun

Wing Chun Defense

Is Wing Chun offensive or defensive?

Yes. Both. Wing Chun has a very offensive defense. What does that mean? It means even Wing Chun defensive actions are offensive. Combining simultaneous attack and defense, Wing Chun takes everything to the opponent’s center, including its defenses.

Wing Chun is self-defense in its most purest form. It uses simple yet highly intelligent self-defense  concepts without complicated moves. This is what makes Wing Chun so fast, simple and effective for self-defense.

However, learning how to defend in Wing Chun can be confusing at first because honestly it’s a completely foreign concept (when compared to how other martial arts approach defense).

So in order to learn how to defend in Wing Chun, you should first learn the specific concepts behind Wing Chun’s defensive approach… that way your defensive actions are logical and efficient.

Wing Chun Defense

In this Wing Chun lesson, I’ll go over seven key Wing Chun concepts required for a successful defense. Then I’ll take you inside a private lesson with one of my students where I break down Wing Chun concepts and Wing Chun defense even further.

:: Chapters ::
0:00 How to Defend in Wing Chun (Intro)
0:26 Seven Key Concepts for Wing Chun Defense
0:29 Gate Theory
0:42 Gate Posture
0:51 Centerline
1:01 Central Plane
1:14 Forward Energy Concept
1:26 Economy of Energy
1:35 Principle of Interception
1:44 Wing Chun Defense is Zone Defense
2:09 Introduction to a Private Lesson with a Student (Main Lesson)
2:20 Student explains his new understanding of Wing Chun defense
3:06 An Example Wing Chun Defense (Lines of Attack & Defense)
4:11 Using 2 Hands Simultaneously to Attack and Defend
5:30 An Example of Interception-Based Defense
6:18 Zone Defense Means There is No Preferred Side to Defend Them On
6:55 3 Lanes Their Attack Falls Into
7:55 We Don’t Play Hand-to-Hand Coverage!
8:16 Offensive Defense Means Coming Forward Center Until Adjustment is Needed

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