Anderson Silva Wing Chun

Anderson Silva Wing Chun

Anderson Silva Wing Chun

Respect is a big thing for Anderson Silva.

“The thing I always demand is respect. I respect everybody and… I believe people need to respect me.”

Nor does he appreciate others disrespecting martial arts like Wing Chun or legends like Bruce Lee.

You see…

Anderson Silva has trained Wing Chun for years.

In fact, it was Wing Chun and Bruce Lee (Wing Chun’s most famous practitioner) that he claims completely changed his life.

Also according to Anderson Silva, Wing Chun helped him win his fights. And followed in the footsteps of his lifelong hero, Bruce Lee, to train the art.

Let’s hear it from him…

Here is what Anderson Silva said about Wing Chun and his hero Bruce Lee.

Anderson Silva: Wing Chun and Bruce Lee

Anderson Silva Wing Chun quoteMany people find it hard to believe that an MMA fighter like Anderson Silva would train Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is often dismissed by combat sports enthusiasts. Because Wing Chun is very specifically built for close-quarters self-defense, few have been able to translate Wing Chun nto MMA.

Anderson Silva is different. He also has been.

Not just because he is one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. Or because he is known as one of the greatest strikers in MMA history.

Because he sees things differently than others and refuses to have the same limitations as others.

Anderson said…

“I just believe that I can do things. I’m not the best… I just believe that I can do things that people think are impossible.”

But where does this belief in “breaking limitations” and “going beyond what others think is possible” come from?

Anderson Silva says Wing Chun and Bruce Lee.

That’s right.

Anderson Silva credits Wing Chun and Bruce Lee for his ability to embrace new ways of thinking.

In translation, he says…

I have trained in Wing Chun for many, many years. It helped me win my fights. I continue to learn it… because it has helped me to think (differently, and to) open my mind… 

And when it comes to Bruce Lee, Anderson Silva embodies the same aspects of studious and physical diligence that Bruce Lee inhabited.

But also as an hero in his life, Anderson Silva can’t say enough about how much Bruce Lee has inspired him as a martial artist.

In translation, he says…

I respect Bruce Lee a lot. He completely changed my life when I was young.  That’s why I respect him so much. Like so many others, I grew up watching Bruce Lee and wanted to be like him. Bruce is part of my life and I respect him a lot.

Anderson Silva also said that he changed many of his fighting techniques to make them “similar to Bruce Lee”. Adapting Bruce Lee’s mindset of “Be Like Water” to his own training helped Silva become the longest reigning champion in UFC history.

“When I was very young, I told my brothers and my mom that I was Bruce Lee. I’m a black Bruce Lee.”

“Lee, Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen, these guys are all my heroes, my Chinese heroes. I think Bruce Lee personifies the greatness of all martial arts, as a fighter and as a professional. When I am training and want to cheer myself up, I think about Bruce Lee. In my life, I’m happy to be the black Bruce Lee.”

Bruce Lee Anderson Silva

Footage of Anderson Silva Displaying Wing Chun

Here is a video of Anderson Silva showing off a few Wing Chun moves and concepts


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