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Dana Point Martial Arts 

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*Martial Arts Classes for Adults, Teens and Kids!

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The Dragon Institute
34241 CA-1 #105, Dana Point, CA 92629

A Dana Point Parent Says...
My son has been coming here for a little over a year. I've seen marked improvement in his focus and discipline. The instructors are very patient and encouraging with his youthful attention span (or lack thereof.)  -Bing L. (Konrad's Dad)

Highly Recommended!
My son started at this school when he was 6 and has been studying a little over a year. He loves it. Sifu Adam and Sifu Derrick are highly skilled and they are wonderful with kids and great mentors. -Eric G. (Cameron's Dad)

A Dana Point Resident Says...
In this school, you learn all about energy and how to efficiently utilize it, flow with it to have an impact on your opponent. Very Zen-like approach which I appreciate a great deal. Omid A. (Dana Point, CA)

Our Dana Point Martial Arts Classes

Our Dana Point school is proud to be able to offer world-class martial arts in Dana Point, CA. Our martial arts classes bring practical martial arts to Dana Point presenting both the devastatingly effective hand-to-hand applications of Wing Chun along with the brilliant science behind its time-tested martial arts principles.

Our martial arts heritage began in Hong Kong in the 1950s with Ip Man
and his famous martial arts student, Bruce Lee. Our instructors are direct descendants of Ip Man's Wing Chun lineage proud to carry on his tradition of Wing Chun martial arts in Dana Point through a strong commitment to world-class training and hands-on expert instruction.

Our Dana Point Martial Arts Class Schedule

Here is our Dana Point martial arts class schedule for our adults, juniors and kids.

Adults Martial Arts Classes

Each class is 60 minutes and includes warm-ups, a form, lesson of the day and application-based training.

Class sizes are kept small. There are all levels in each class. It is a very cooperative student environment where senior students get excited about sharing their passion of Wing Chun with the newer students. Our students are all very friendly, encouraging and love to help! Because of this, classes listed on our schedule are all great for beginners!

We do have an adult martial arts curriculum but adults don't wear belts or sashes. Rather, we have personal levels and certificates along the way.

We recommend wearing comfortable workout attire and socks for the Dana Point location.

Kids Martial Arts Classes

You can expect a safe and encouraging environment for your child. An environment that in addition to teaching kids practical martial arts for self-defense, also teaches focus, respect and discipline.

Beginners Kids classes are for new students (children ages 5-10). They are 40 minutes long.

Kids Level II are for students (children ages 5-10) that have been with us for a longer time. These classes are also 40 minutes long.

Juniors (aka Teens Classes) are for both beginners and longer term students ages 11-15. They are 60 minutes long.

Class size will range, anywhere from 6-12 students. While we do not participate in tournaments or competitions, there is monthly testing to help keep the kids on track with the curriculum.

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Fiercely Focused, Kind Young Warriors

Our Dana Point kids martial arts classes teach kids the art of Wing Chun - a Kung Fu system known for practical self-defense, calm nerves and its compassionate philosophy.

Our martial arts classes teach children how to directly and realistically handle bullies and protect themselves with a calm confidence. Kids gain razor-sharp focus, learn what it means to be a true leader!

Martial Arts Classes for Adults

A Brutally Effective Combat-PROVEN Art!

Specializing in the devastatingly effective martial art of Wing Chun, our training means a fearless new sense of calm...

...and an enormous boost in self-confidence that infuses into every part of your life.

So if you want to know how to fight and actually WIN... without "belts"... or competitions... then take action.

This may be the most important chance you EVER get.

Online Wing Chun School

Learn Wing Chun at home online with Sifu Adam Williss, founder of The Dragon Institute.

Dana Point Wing Chun School

Located right on PCH, our Dana Point Martial Arts school offers self-defense classes for all ages.

Irvine Wing Chun School

Located off the 5 freeway not far from The Spectrum, our Irvine martial arts school features classes for all ages.