The Writings of Ancient Masters [E-Book]



The Writings of Ancient Masters is a collection of a thousand years of writings from ancient Chinese Kung Fu masters. They include essential philosophical principles. These writings were previously held in secret for centuries and only passed down from master to student until the mid-1930s when they became public. These writings were originally written in classical Chinese. Today they are known as the Tai Chi Classics.

The purpose of this ebook is to serve as a translation of the Tai Chi Classics for students of Dragon Family Wing Chun. Although there are differences between Tai Chi and Wing Chun. the internal principles of Tai Chi as presented here are have a good deal of similarities to the principles of Dragon Family Wing Chun. Using these writings can provide  students of Dragon Family Wing Chun with insight in order to further their own practice.


  • 9 ancient writings
  • 30 pages
  • English languange
  • Modernized/simplified translations
  • Publisher: The Dragon Institute
  • Format: Downloadable PDF Document
  • 2.7 MB file