Tai Chi Palm Coast

Tai Chi Palm Coast

Palm Coast Tai Chi

If you are looking to find Tai Chi in Palm Coast, our Tai Chi classes meet every Saturday at 2:00 PM.

tai chi palm coast

Many who join our classes come to us looking for “Palm Coast Tai Chi” or “Tai Chi in Palm Coast”. Although Tai Chi can be great for all ages, many are in their 60s or 70s looking for “Tai Chi for Seniors” or “Tai Chi in Palm Coast for Seniors”.

Here’s why?

Often people in Palm Coast are looking for Tai Chi classes because they’ve heard about Tai Chi’s benefits and want to learn how Tai Chi could help them.

That’s when they learn about Palm Coast Tai Chi at The Dragon Institute in Bunnell. FL.

Palm Coast Tai Chi – Bunnell, FL

Palm Coast Tai Chi Classes meet on Saturdays at 2:00 PM at The Dragon Institute in Bunnell, FL.

Tai Chi Palm Coast

Our Palm Coast Tai Chi Instructor

Palm Coast Tai Chi InstructorLed by Palm Coast Tai Chi instructor Michael Mangaroo, our Tai Chi classes teach the graceful movements and meditative benefits that Tai Chi is known for.

Michael Mangaroo is a Tai Chi expert in Palm Coast with 20 years of experience. Having trained under four different Tai Chi instructors over the last two decades, he is highly respected for his Tai Chi knowledge and insight. Michael teaches Chi Kung (Qigong), Yang Tai Chi and Chen Tai Chi.

About our Palm Coast Tai Chi Classes

  • Typical age group is late teens to adults over 65
  • No experience needed
  • Dress code is loose fitting and respectable
  • Class routine is as follows:
    • Short warm up/ loosening
    • The Eight Sections of Brocade Chi Kung or Silk Brocades
    • Standing or sitting meditation
    • Tai Chi Form and applications – After learning the Eight Brocades and some basic postural movements, you will learn the Yang 8-movement form
  • Our Palm Coast Tai Chi classes are low impact, energy work. Sparring is of a mild nature to encourage all ages to attend
  • Tai Chi aids in encouraging a more robust aging process. It reduces stress, helps to prevent injury, aids in healing injury, strengthens overall posture, loosens the limbs, and utilizes “whole body” movement
  • It’s “competition-free”’as we encourage all levels right where they are at in their journey. There is no belt system. Students will be tested at periodic times to encourage growth.

Palm Coast Tai Chi Class Sign-Up

Monthly Membership

Membership - $65/mo

Drop-In for a Class

Drop-In - $25