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Our classes are outstanding for seniors, however this is not your normal Tai Chi class. In addition to the health benefits and the moving meditation, our classes  also include practical self-defense.

Many who join our classes come to us looking for “Palm Coast Tai Chi” or “Tai Chi in Palm Coast”. Although Tai Chi can be great for all ages, many are in their 60s or 70s looking for “Tai Chi for Seniors” or “Tai Chi in Palm Coast for Seniors”.

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi and Self-Defense

For those looking for Tai Chi, our classes (called Wing Chun) also include self-defense. If you aren’t looking to include self-defense with you Tai Chi, our classes may not be the right fit for you.

Here are several reasons why people might choose our Wing Chun classses when looking for Tai Chi in Palm Coast:

1. Practical Self-Defense

  • Wing Chun is a close-quarters combat system specifically designed for practical self-defense. It emphasizes direct, efficient movements, making it highly effective in real-life self-defense situations. Training includes sparring and contact drills, which help practitioners understand the realities of combat.

2. Health Benefits

  • Our particular form of Wing Chun is very internal. In addition to its martial applications, it is often practiced for its health benefits and as a form of moving meditation.

2. Simplicity and Directness

  • The techniques we teach are straightforward and direct, focusing on economy of movement and efficiency. This makes it easier to learn and apply in combat situations.

3. Low Impact Training 

  • Our hands-on approach is engaging, however, is often focused on slow, controlled movements. While this is excellent for improving balance and internal energy.

4. Focus on Striking and Blocking

  • We place a strong emphasis on striking and deflecting techniques that are quick, direct, and designed to incapacitate an opponent effectively. The system includes punches, kicks, and trapping techniques that are all geared towards practical combat effectiveness​​.

5. Philosophical Approach

  • Our philosophy is rooted in simplicity, directness, and practicality, which can appeal to those looking for a straightforward martial arts system. Its history and association with notable martial artists like Bruce Lee also add to its appeal​​. At the same time, we emphasize harmony, balance, and the cultivation of internal energy (Qi). It is often seen as a holistic practice that integrates mind, body, and spirit, which can be very appealing to those seeking a comprehensive wellness practice​​.

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