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Our Dana Point meditation classes offer several different types of meditation for Dana Point locals. Some of these meditation classes are geared towards specific types of meditation. Others are integrated meditation classes which include elements and influences from several different types of meditation.

These include mindful meditation, active meditation, moving meditation, sound meditation, breath awareness meditation, body scan or progressive relaxation, body awareness meditation, posture meditation, energy meditation, internal kung fu meditation, dynamic meditation, elements of Taoist meditation, elements of Kundalini yoga, Tai Chi-based meditation, qigong meditation, (Zhan Zhuang) standing meditation.

Qigong Meditation (Dana Point)

Qigong meditation is a more specific form of moving meditation. This is a kind of meditation combines the mind and body along with moving the body’s energy (qi). Key focuses include relaxing the nerves, aligning the posture, feeling the energy flow throughout the body,  cultivating awareness of unique internal body and mind harmonies, moving the body with fluidity and releasing rigidity. Our Tai Chi / Qigong classes in Dana Point offers all this and more!

Sound Bath Meditation (Dana Point)

Have you ever experienced a Sound Bath? It’s an immersion of your mind, body and spirit into sound frequencies which the soul needs, wants and craves. Sound meditation is a form of meditation that uses gongs, singing bowls and other instruments to cleanse and heal the mind, body and with sound energy. Tapping into the body’s natural frequency, the sound vibrates throughout the body in a level we can’t normally tap into. The benefits are calming and grounding along with a general happy feeling. See more info on our Sound Bath Classes in Dana Point.

Zhan Zhuang / Standing Meditation (Dana Point)

Post standing meditation is a type of meditation where the feet remain planted on the ground. It is also considered qigong (energy work). Standing meditation, as we practice it, trains the mind to connect with the body’s qi (internal energy). Standing meditation, when correctly practiced, has a regulating effect on the body by removing habitual tension through its practice. The body regains its optimal ability to function and heal itself naturally. This makes you less prone to muscular-skeletal medical conditions, and leads to a meditative calming effect. In Dana Point, at The Dragon Institute, we integrate standing meditation into both our morning Tai Chi / Qigong meditation class as well as out Internal Kung Fu classes through a practice called Siu Nim Tao (Sil Lim Tau).

Moving Meditation (Dana Point)

There are many different forms of moving meditation which we teach. All of thse types of meditations use active body movement in combination with meditatively training the mind to connect with the body’s movements. This type of training is usually associated with eyes open meditation for increase relaxation and awareness.

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benefits of meditation

5 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a natural form of therapy. Practicing meditation can reduce stress and calm your mind, two of the most important keys to naturally healing the body. In addition, meditation creates a stronger ability to control the body and its functions. Check out these five benefits of meditation:

1. Calmness

When you meditate, you concentrate on relaxing your body and empty your mind of the day’s stresses. Although meditation takes consistent practice, the feeling of calmness that you will get is immediate. It’s very hard difficult to stay stressed when you quiet your mind and concentrate on relaxing your body.

2. Heart Rate

When you focus on relaxing the body and breathing slower and more mindfully, it has an effect on your heart. When you breathe this way, your heart rate slows almost immediately. When you practice meditation regularly, your heart rate can develop a slower consistent rate. Having a slower heart rate induces lower blood pressure which, in turn, creates a healthier body.

3. Concentration

When you start a consistent practice of meditating, you’ll find that your ability to concentrate improves. This can be notably beneficial for those in their 40’s and above. As we get older, our ability to concentrate diminishes, as well as our capacity to learn new things and recall memories. The purposeful act of calming your mind and refocusing yourself will, over time, enhance your concentration and make you better able to make decisions.

4. Stress Relief

Most people agree that meditation can help decrease stress. What many people don’t realize is that meditation can actually make you more resistant to stress. All of us have people we know who seem to be unruffled by life’s events; everything just rolls off their back. This is what meditation can do for you. It makes you more like this. Although you won’t alleviate yourself of anxiety problems, you will soon find that the small stuff that used to worry you isn’t really that big of a deal anymore.

5. Pain Relief

Although pain is a physical reality, it’s also a physical reality that a good deal of the pain which we feel can be controlled by our mind. Practicing meditation consistently helps us to better handle physical pain. In fact, meditation is often prescribed as a therapy for people suffering with fibromyalgia, angina and even PMS. If you have chronic pain, you may be very surprised at the level  relief that you feel as you practice regular meditation.


Already Tried Meditation And Had Difficulty?

Often times, when you first try to meditate you’ll hate it. This natural resistance is your restless mind fighting to remain in control of you. But don’t let that discourage you. Meditation takes practice. However, the great news is that the more you meditate, the better you get at it. And as you meditate regularly, you’ll then reap the great benefits of this ancient practice.


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Please contact us and refer to the type of meditation(s) which interest you.