Intuition - Womens Self-Defense

Intuition defined is:
The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

We all have it and are born with it. We are animals so to speak. All the animal kingdom lives by intuition with the exception of most humans. We humans, mostly allow our conscious mind to guide us daily. Unlike animals which only have instinct we have the ability to use reasoning and instinct
to guide us.

Our intuition is there for a reason. It is there to keep us safe and to guide us. It is like a muscle. We need to use it and exercise it to keep it strong; Moms you use it daily. Think, you just know when your kids are up to something don’t you? You just “have a feeling” You walk in the room and you feel they are up to something or something is wrong. Sometimes you may say, “I just feel it.”
Well, that is your intuition.

How about when you are driving? You are not quite sure which way to turn? Your first instinct is to turn right but you second guess yourself and turn left only to discover your first thought was correct. How many times have you done this? I know I have done it too many times until I have learned to trust my instinct or intuition.

Have you ever walked into a room and it felt off? Or felt scary for no reason that you could reason? This is your intuition or instinct here, your gut feelings, your deeper parts telling you something is not right, danger, pay attention. Mostly, we use our reasoning to tell ourselves we are being silly and we have no seeable reason to feel that way. I am here to say, you do not need a reason at that moment. Learn to trust and act on those feelings an answer may come later or, you may never
get one. Sometimes, we may never get to know.

Ladies how about when you have been dating a guy? He acts nice says the right things, but something just doesn’t feel right. Everything on the surface is great but you just don’t feel
good about him. You analyze it over and over and tell yourself you are being over cautious, weird or whatever. Then as time moves, you find out the you were right.

In essence, we need both instinct and reason to make the best possible decisions for ourselves, our businesses, and our families.

I am saying, learn to trust, trust, trust your intuition. It is in us all for a reason. The more you practice using and trusting it, the more it will guide you into safety, more harmonious life choices that resound for you, create more confidence in decision making and strong self awareness.