Private Wing Chun Training

Private Wing Chun

Personal Wing Chun Training

We are now teaching private Wing Chun lessons. This includes…

  1. In-Person – Private In-Person Wing Chun Training
  2. Online – Private Wing Chun Training Online

Either in-person training or online training is taught independent of our group Wing Chun training.

This means you can…

  • Go at your pace
  • Ask as many questiions as you want
  • Get individual Wing Chun instruction (Work on exactly what you personally need to train)

All private lessons are taught directly with an experienced Wing Chun instructor of The Dragon Institute.

Individual Wing Chun training in Wing Chun is the fastest way to become proficient in the art. It is separate Wing Chun training from group classes therefore lessons can be tailored specifically to the individual student.

With our private Wing Chun training sessions, you will learn faster and develop at a much quicker pace. It allows you to gain the much needed personal insight into what we consider todays most practical martial arts training.

Private Wing Chun Lessons for Beginners

For beginners, our Private Training and Personal Martial Arts Lessons quickly teach proper position, essential footwork and get you comfortable throwing punches while simultaneously defending.

Private Wing Chun Training for Experienced Martial Artists

Experienced Martial Artists, Black Belts and Advanced Wing Chun practitioners have found that our Personal Training is beyond anything they have previously experienced. However, it is only for those who can fully empty their cup in order to learn something more direct and efficient.

Private Martial Arts Training Lessons

  • Offered 7 days per week by appointment
  • Semi-private and small group sessions also available
  • For both men and women (tailored to your specific needs)
  • All ages from seniors to kids and all experience levels including beginners as well as high level martial artists
  • Online Private Wing Chun Lessons available via Zoom
  • in-Person Private Wing Chun Lessons available in California and Florida, USA
      • California – Orange County and Riverside County
      • Florida – Duval County, St. Johns County and Flagler County

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