Private Martial Arts Training

Private Lessons

Personal Martial Arts Training / Private Self-Defense Lessons in Orange County, California

It’s no secret that one-on-one training is the fastest way to become proficient. With our private martial arts training sessions, you will learn faster and develop at a much quicker pace. It allows you to gain the much needed personal insight into thousands of years of Kung Fu tradition passed down. This is…

  • the same self-defense knowledge once held in secret by underground Chinese rebels
  • the same martial arts training and philosophy that shaped the life of Bruce Lee and…
  • the same art that has the ability to transform the way you perceive and react to today’s stresses and confrontation of any kind.

Private Lessons for Beginners

For beginners, our Private Training and Personal Martial Arts Lessons quickly teach proper position, essential footwork and get you comfortable throwing punches while simultaneously defending.

Private Training for Experienced Martial Artists

Experienced Martial Artists, Black Belts and Advanced Wing Chun practitioners often find that our Personal Training is beyond anything they have previously experienced. Our passion and dedication is to making you the very best that you can be. Whether you’re looking for beginning martial arts lessons or to further your skills to the highest levels, learning one-on-one is the most efficient way!

Private Training Instructors

Who will be your private instructor? Your private training will be with The Dragon Institute founder, Sifu Adam Williss, or his senior-most student, Sifu Derrick Mansell, chief instructor of our Irvine Wing Chun school. Both are official representatives of the Leung Sheung lineage (Ip Man’s senior most student in Hong Kong).

Adam Williss

Sifu Adam Williss, Founder of The Dragon Institute

Sifu Adam Williss has 26-years of Wing Chun experience. His ability to both perform and teach the highest levels of Wing Chun is nothing short of outstanding. You’d be hard pressed to find someone more capable to bring out the best in you.

Derrick Mansell

Sifu Derrick Mansell, Chief Instructor of Wing Chun Irvine

Sifu Derrick Mansell has 12 years experience. He is the #1 student of Adam Williss. His passion and dedication to Wing Chun show in both his ease of application and his unending desire and patience in helping students apply.

Private Training Sessions

  • Offered 7 days per week by appointment
  • Semi-private and small group sessions also available
  • For both men and women (tailored to your specific needs)
  • All ages from seniors to kids and all experience levels including beginners as well as high level martial artists
  • Lessons available at our Dana Point school, Irvine school or at your home/location of choice


Contact us to schedule a complimentary session to discuss beginning your journey with us.