Orange County Kung Fu Scholarship




Inspired by Ip Man, the Kung Fu Grandmaster and teacher of Bruce Lee, the Orange County Kung Fu Scholarship provides life confidence skills and martial arts training to underprivileged youth and low income families in the Orange County, California area. The program gives kids ages 5 and up who have a sincere desire to pursue martial arts, but cannot afford to do so, the opportunity to learn Kung Fu. The full scholarship, valued at over $10,000, will cover the FULL cost of tuition for Kung Fu classes up until the age of 18.

The specific type of Kung Fu students will learn is called Wing Chun – an art known for its practical self-defense and close-quarters fighting expertise.

The scholarship is inspired by Ip Man, the sifu (kung fu teacher) of Bruce Lee. Ip Man introduced entire generations to a lifelong endeavor that instilled them with a discipline they would never cast aside. Ip Man created a code of conduct for his Kung Fu students. One of it’s principles Ip Man set forth was to “serve society and the community”. This scholarship seeks to honor that code hoping to instill the values and lessons which Ip Man felt were so important.

As part of the Orange County Kung Fu Scholarship applicants must meet the following requirements…

  1. Eligibility is limited to families with a combined annual income of $50,000 or less
  2. Children of those parents ages 5-18
  3. Living in Orange County, California with plans to stay in the county long term
  4. Demonstrate a strong desire to learn martial arts and a willingness to make a commitment to learning long term and practicing on their own
  5. U.S. citizens

Applicants must have their own transportation and be able to attend one of our two Kung Fu schools in Orange County.

For more information, please contact us on our contact page.

Ip Man Bruce lee
Ip Man and his student, Bruce Lee