Dragon Combat Training

Martial Arts Training for Law Enforcement & Military

The DRAGON COMBAT TRAINING DIVISION has several combat programs specifically designed to train a large number of personnel at a time. What’s more, these unique programs can be learned in a relatively short period of time. Our mission is providing integrated strategies to apply universal combat principles to a variety of confrontational and aggressive situations. We target practical and simple techniques which can be executed under realistic scenarios.

Our DRAGON COMBAT TRAINING DIVISION has been recognized by several from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The principles and system has also been highly recommended by hand-to-hand combat trainers from special units of the military.

Law Enforcement Training Program Information

The DRAGON COMBAT TRAINING DIVISION’s martial arts for police officers, security officers and correctional officers targets specific needs for law enforcement which civilian-based martial arts training doesn’t address. Our martial arts training for police focuses upon safety while giving officers practical, real-world scenario training. Our martial arts for law enforcement teaches how to get, recover, and maintain control of realistic situations.

Military Training Program Information

The DRAGON COMBAT TRAINING DIVISION was created to provide the worlds, most effective hand-to-hand combat training available. So it makes sense that our military training program is similarly designed upon providing the most effective, efficient, and brutal principles and techniques available.

Instructor Certification Program Information

Instructor certification through our martial arts for law enforcement, military, or security helps make sure your department or unit is using the best real-world combat training around. As a certified instructor, you will work hands-on perfecting your technique in order to instruct others. You will design combat lessons and scenarios, and learn how to apply your knowledge in order to train and develop others.

Law Enforcement Martial Arts Programs – Orange County, CA

Police Orange County

Located in Orange County, California, the DRAGON COMBAT TRAINING DIVISION is dedicated to providing defensive tactics and practical combat training for law enforcement, security, and military personnel.

For more information on our martial arts for law enforcement or military personnel, please contact us at (949)542-8470 or email us through our contact form.