Palm Coast Bullying Prevention

Palm Coast Bullying Prevention


Are you looking for a Palm Coast Bullying Prevention program? Is your kid being bullied at school or somewhere else?

Introducing BULLYGUARD, The Dragon Institute’s anti-bullying program. We teach kids and teens bullying prevention tools, knowledge, and give them the support they need to stand up for themselves. We believe that by empowering kid and fostering a community of acceptance, kindness, and respect, we can create a safer and more inclusive environment for children in Palm Coast and Flagler County.

Every month in the United States, three million children miss school due to fear of bullies.

In our BULLYGUARD program, we have a mission… to instill unshakable confidence in your child, empowering them to overcome bullies.

Practical and Honest Solutions

Practical and honest is the best word to describe BULLYGUARD. Because kids need practical and honest. They need to learn ways to stand up to bullies that work. We teach kids honest, time-tested ways to handle bullying. Kids learn what it takes to be taken seriously. They learn tools of how to demand respect from others both through body language and verbal assertiveness. And they learn how to physically protect themselves. Because when push comes to shove, when a child knows how to physically handle themself in a fight, their entire outlook changes.

So if you want your child to be equipped with practical, no-nonsense solutions to defend themselves against bullies, our BULLY GUARD program is for your family! Even if your child has had a negative experience with martial arts in the past, we are confident that they will absolutely love our program.

The bottom line…

If your child is getting picked on at school we can help them handle bullies!

Anti-Bullying Palm Coast

Our BULLYGUARD program is a part of our kids martial arts curriculum… empowering kids with real world knowledge and practical skills.

We Stand Up for Kids So They Can Stand Up for Themselves!

Standing up for kids against bullying, our year-round kids martial arts classes feature our life-changing anti-bullying program, BULLYGUARD.


BullyGuard Kids is our proprietary program for children ages 5 to 11. It has been designed to confront bullying issues for kids in Elementary school through sixth grade. 


And BullyGuard Juniors for ages 12 and up. Each version of the program focuses on the specific challenges to their age group. 

The lessons and skills taught are intergrated into each of our Kids and Juniors martial arts classes. We equip kids in Palm Coast with practical know-how and actionable skills for the real world. BullyGuard helps kids understand bullying on a deeper level. It uses personal stories of bullying, role-playing scenarios, confident body language and effective communication skills. 

Our Martial Arts Classes for Kids

How to Get Started? Try a FREE class. See our Palm Coast martial arts class schedule.

Bullying Palm Coast

Can you also help kids who have bullied others?

Absolutely. For kids who have bullied others we teach self-control and consideration. If they are willing to learn and improve, we are happy to help them and give them a home at our martial arts school.

Looking for Private Bullying Prevention Coaching?

Our private 1:1 Bullying Prevention coaching focus specifically on your child’s individual needs. They are designed to immediately address the specific issues your child is having and empower them with the skills they need to handle their situation with bullying effectively. This is the fastest way of equiping your child with immediate bully prevention skills. Contact us to schedule an intro.