Palm Coast Bullying Prevention

Palm Coast Bullying


Our Palm Coast Bullying Prevention program gives children in Palm Coast and Flagler County the chance to learn practical life skills. We focus on real stories and real solutions to combat bullying in Palm Coast and the surrounding area.

If your child is getting picked on at school we can help them handle bullies!

Anti-Bullying Palm Coast

Choose from one of three different ways to help your child deal with bullying…

1. Martial Arts Classes

Our group martial arts classes are a very comprehensive and effective way to teach kids how to deal with bullying. Using roll-playing scenarios and real-world examples, we help kids to bullies in more  when push comes to shove your child will know to defend him or herself! Our martial arts classes specialize in our teaching kids how to fighting against bullies. bullying prevention material.

2. Private/Personal Sessions

Our private sessions focus specifically on your child’s individual needs. They are designed to immediately address the specific issues your child is having and empower them with the skills they need to handle bullies effectively. This is the fastest way of equiping your child with immediate bully prevention skills.

3. BULLY GUARD Workshops

This is our flagship special Palm Coast Bullying Prevention workshops (aka BULLY GUARD) for kids and their parents. Our workshops can be a great introduction to bullying related topics as well as the beginning of thinking in new, more successful ways to handle bullying. Contact us to be notified of our next workshop.

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