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Worth the Drive!
I drive all the way from Pasadena, CA to train here. Depending on traffic, the travel time is about an hour and a half. The way I look at it, if I’m going to spend my time training, I want it to be the best training I can get. Not just somewhere that’s close.
– Ben Hugesson, Pasadena, CA

The Highest Quality Wing Chun
I’ve searched from LA to Orange County to San Diego for the best Wing Chun. After two years and three different instructors, I finally found The Dragon Institute in Orange County. This is REAL Wing Chun – pure, authentic, not watered down!
– Ryan Gonzalez, Carlsbad, CA

True Street Self-Defense, Not for Sport
This isn’t for for the ring, octagon or some other sports competition, this is true street self-defense. I love this stuff!
– John Goodwin, San Clemente, CA

Authentic Chinese Martial Art
“I had my reservations about learning a Chinese martial art from someone that was not Chinese. However, Sifu Adam Williss knows his stuff. I’m overwhelmed at his level of knowledge and application. I am so happy to have found such an authentic representation of Wing Chun.”
– Tony Wu, Irvine, CA

As Good As It Gets
If you want a Wing Chun system that really works, check out The Dragon Institute. These guys are as good as it gets. Sifu Adam is a rare case of someone that pretty much lives and breathes Wing Chun and does it in incredible fashion!
– Lukas Klaus, Berlin, Germany

Great All Around
Great teachers. Great system. Great training. Great people. Great atmosphere. Great location. Great facility. Great martial arts. Exactly what you look for in a martial arts school!
– Robert Evans, Dana Point, CA

Perfect Training for a Marine!
I’d recommend The Dragon Institute to all of my fellow marines. Our Wing Chun training is the perfect next level extension of the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program (MCMAP).
– Mark M., Camp Pendleton, CA

Perfect Training for a Marine!
Having studied under multiple Sifus, I think your Wing Chun is some of the best I’ve seen, and I think you do an excellent job of conveying concepts to your students. I think you have an understanding of Wing Chun that elludes most Sifus. I just wanted to commend you for your commitment and excellence in the art of Wing Chun.
– Sifu Mark Nomady, Castle Rock, CO

Thank You Immensely!
I wish to thank Sifu Adam Williss for the time and effort he has given to me. I don’t feel like most people understand what a gift it is to have an expert of his caliber in our area. He has opened up my eyes to things I could have never guessed were available in martial arts. Thank you immensely!
– Gregory Silva, Mission Viejo, CA

Amazing Teacher!
Sifu Adam Williss is none other than amazing! He continues to amaze me time and time again with not only his ability to demonstrate his expertise, but also to put it into plain terms for his students, like me, to learn.
– Joel Silverman, Oceanside, CA

Incredibly Lucky!
Thanks for all the heart you put into your teaching…I notice and truly appreciate all that you impart. I am incredibly lucky to have found such a Sifu!
– Kate Fennelly, Licensed Acupuncturist, MA Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Clemente / Newport Beach

Physician Noted Physiological Benefits
After years of mixed martial arts, Sifu Adam delivers an entirely new level of instruction and education. Sifu Adam takes training beyond the physical and traditional “mental toughness” to a holistic level from an instructor that truly cares about the growth and development of the individuals he is working with. As a teacher Sifu Adam does not pretend to know everything and actually listens, learns, and where appropriate, incorporates input from his pupils that bring experience from other styles or experiences. I recommend The Dragon Institute to everyone I know and would encourage anyone to meet Sifu Adam and experience his training.
– Wade Adams, Aliso Viejo, CA

Stress Relief for Corporate Professionals
Working in an office all day is brutal. Tense muscles and stiff backs are the price paid for our abundant lifestyles. But there is a way to balance the physical and mental toll with “Siu Nim Tau”. The form is the modern day cocktail lunch and provides a healthy rejuvenating mental and physical release from tension. I have been using it almost daily ever since I started studying the art with Sifu Adam Williss and have experienced a dramatic change in how I feel at work. Because the study involves both the mind and body it provides a complete experience, deepening my sense of well being and reducing my level of stress. I would recommend this art and Sifu Adam to anyone looking for relief from stress related aches and pains.
– Phil Call, IT Program Manager of the Irvine Company, San Clemente, CA

Highly Recommended!
It is amazing to have such a high caliber of instructor share his knowledge. I have never experienced something like this before. I recommend it for everyone.
– Todd Mertz, Retired Professional Kickboxer

An Integrated Approach
Under the guidance of Sifu Adam Williss, The Dragon Institute uses an integrated and scientific approach to martial arts, augmenting the traditional and most effective applications of Wing Chun with modern principles of physiology, physics, kinesiology and combat.
– Micheal E. Berumen, Author u0026amp; Speaker on Ethics/Business Philosophy

GOOD Wing Chun
You know GOOD Wing Chun!
– Royce Gracie, to The Dragon Institute’s Sigung Bill Graves

I Can’t Express my Gratitude Enough
The ability to train with Sifu Adam Williss is a dream come true. His ability to connect the dots for me between the mind/body/spirit of martial arts and their use in everyday life is something I can’t put into words. I can’t express my gratitude enough to him for taking the time to carefully teach me this powerful art.
– Mike Sanchez, Mission Viejo, CA

An Ego-Free School
A rare find in the martial arts world. I found this school to be completely ego-free from the top down. Everyone really has a great chemistry and they were very helpful to me from day one. They made me feel really welcome and comfortable.
– Chuck Brooks, San Juan Capistrano, CA

Lucky and Honored to Recommend
I feel very lucky to be a student of The Dragon Institute. It is a true institution of higher learning focusing on developing the student to reach new levels of success for the mind, body and soul. I am honored to be able to recommend this amazing martial arts school to new people.
– JD Brosa, Laguna Beach, CA


The Credit
I owe my accomplishments to Wing Chun.
– Bruce Lee, Actor and Martial Artist

A Positive Influence
I can’t even describe how much Wing Chun has impacted my ability to stay well and focused. It has changed my life.
– Robert Downey, Jr., Actor

The System to Study
His (Bruce Lee) Wing Chung system is unlike any other system I have seen. I am convinced that this would be the system I would study if I were to begin my Gung Fu training again.
– Wally Jay, Founder of Small Circle Jujitsu

Great for MMA
I wish I would have learned Wing Chun ten years ago!!! I could have used this in the cage!
– Kevin Randleman, Former UFC Champion

Wing Chun is Fantastic
Wing Chun is fantastic! I’m so impressed with it that I want to include it in my teaching.
– Carlson Gracie, Eldest Son of the Co-founder of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Great for the NFL
Wing Chun is perfect for me, because I’m a smaller opponent (6’5″), battling with larger opponents. In the past, I would struggle with force on force. Now, I defeat their strength with efficiency, evasiveness, straight lines and speed!
– Chike Okeafor, NFL Defensive End

Bodyguards’ Choice
Wing Chun is the close protection bodyguards’ choice. For when you absolutely, positively have to neutralise every nutter in the room.
– Later Magazine