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Wing Chun Against Bullying

Wing Chun Against Bullying (WCAB) is an anti-bullying organization and international movement. Founded in 2014, its mission is to empower kids, parents and teachers through anti-bullying education.

Bullying is a hot topic today, and with good reason. We hear more and more stories of bullying escalating to outright abuse, often with truly frightening consequences. Everyday bullying amongst children – the type of behavior that is too often excused with expressions like “Kids can be cruel” or “Kids will be kids” – is a worry that many kids and their parents face. Bullies can be found almost everywhere, but we can help your child face them.

Bullying prevention gives kids the confidence and skills to protect themselves from bullies.

Children learn the skills they need to stand up for themselves before abuse becomes physical. If your child is terrified to go to school, reluctant to play with other children, or being bullied, consider reserving a place in our program. Our bully prevention program, Bullyguard, gives children increased confidence. Confident kids usually don’t get picked on in the first place because bullies tend to target the weak.

Bullied kids are often distracted by worries which keep them from enjoying school, learning, having fun, or joining other kids in their activities. Don’t let bullies distract your child from getting the most from their schooling.

For more information on Wing Chun Against Bullying, contact Sifu Adam Williss. It offers age-appropriate anti-bullying and self-defense classes all year long to help your child gain confidence and self-discipline.

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