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Sifu Bill Graves

Jacksonville Wing Chun Kung Fu
(Jacksonville, FL)

  • Over 40 years Experience
  • Practical Time-Tested Skills
  • Proven Teaching Ability
  • No Nonsense Training
  • Exceptional Knowledge

Wing Chun Jacksonville

Learn Wing Chun in Jacksonville with Sifu Bill Graves - teaching Kung Fu in Jacksonville for over 30 years!

About Jacksonville Wing Chun Sifu Bill Graves

Sifu Bill Graves' Jacksonville Wing Chun Kung Fu. With over 40 years of experience in Wing Chun and over 30 years teaching in Jacksonville, Sifu Graves' Wing Chun insight is incredible. His dedication to honest fighting applications of Wing Chun ensures the practicality and functionality of his Wiing Chun lessons.

Sifu Graves prefers to let his skill speak for his ability. His knowledge of Wing Chun is incredible to say the least which is why he has the ability to speak for hours about it. His high level of Wing Chun skill is the foundation of his teachings. He believes that fighting should be effortless because that's how it is for him.

Jacksonville Wing Chun History

Sifu Bill Graves is the leader of the Jacksonville's Wing Chun movement. He is responsible for first teaching Wing Chun in Jacksonville in 1989. Sifu Graves started to learn Wing Chun in Florida under Karl Godwin of Sanford. Over the last 30 plus years of teaching, he has had several public Wing Chun schools in Jacksonville, each called The System Wing Chun. Due to his teachings in the Jacksonville area over the last 30 years, several of his students have gone onto become sifu-level practitioners under him.

Contact Sifu Bill Graves

Jacksonville Wing Chun Kung Fu
1444 Domas Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32211
(386) 227-8159

*Sifu Bill Graves teaches adults only