Wing Chun Florida

Wing Chun Florida

Wing Chun in Florida

If you are looking for “Wing Chun Florida” or “Wing Chun in Florida”, you’ll find several places to learn Wing Chun throughout the state. This includes Wing Chun North Florida, Wing Chun Central Florida as well as South Florida Wing Chun schools.

We’ll also list the Sifu of each Florida Wing Chun schools as well as further details into classes and lessons.

On this page we’ll feature the school’s through Ip Man’s senior-most student in Hong Kong and original lineage of Wing Chun in Florida… the Florida Branch of the Leung Sheung Lineage.

Florida’s Oldest Wing Chun School

Seminole Wing Chun

Seminole Wing Chun, founded in 1978, is Florida’s oldest Wing Chun school has been taught in Florida since 1978. It was first taught in Central Florida by Ken Werner at Seminole Community College. Ken Werner was a student of Ben Der, founder of San Jose Wing Chun. By the end of the second month of Wing Chun classes, only one of Ken Werner’s students remained… Karl Godwin.  For the next few years, Karl Godwin became Ken Werner’s sole student. In 1982, Karl Godwin opened Seminole Wing Chun, the first public Wing Chun school in Florida.

Karl Godwin – Florida Wing Chun

Karl GodwinKarl Godwin may be the most advanced Wing Chun practitioner today. But its very likely that you’ve never heard of him. He likes it that way. He wants to stay out of the general public eye. He doesn’t market his school. In fact, his school has no sign out front. And it hasn’t had a sign in the 40+ years of its operation. Generally, you’ve got to hear about Karl Godwin and his Wing Chun school from someone else. Karl Godwin is the unknown master who wants nothing to do with fame. He just wants to quitely practice and teach Wing Chun.

His Florida Wing Chun school is based out of Sanford (Central Florida). Karl Godwin was taught Wing Chun by Ken Werner, a student of Ben Der in San Jose, California.  Ben Der was originally a student of Yip Man, yet later became a student of Kenneth Chung. Karl has ties with Sifu Kenneth Chung in California, who is Ben Der’s teacher and is the wellspring of Leung Sheung Wing Chun in America.

For more information on Karl Godwin or his Seminole Wing Chun Orlando area school, visit Godwin Wing Chun on Facebook or visit Seminole Wing Chun.