Self-Defense Women Dana Point

Our Women’s Self-Defense program will Teach you to Walk with Confidence and NOT in Fear!


⇒ Situational awareness skills and recognizing potential danger, so you can avoid it before it happens.

⇒ Simple, practical self-defense skills against the most common assaults scenarios against women.

⇒ Develop the mindset to to go from prey to predator – essential for surviving and escaping assaults.

Our Dana Point Women’s Self-Defense Course is a 3-hour session for women & girls ages 15 and up. This is scientific self-defense training for women because is more than teaching a handful of physical movements. Over the self-defense class curriculum, instruction simultaneously develops the mindset to use the self-defense skills most effectively. Using the highly efficient concepts of the close-quarters fighting art of Wing Chun, this is a no-nonsense course developed to empower women with practical knowledge for real world self-defense. Each women’s self defense class culminates in applying practical self-defense knowledge and physical self-defense skills through realistic physical scenarios and awareness training

Self-Defense Dana Point

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