Start a Wing Chun Study Group

Wing Chun Study Group

Online Wing Chun training has opened the door for more and more people to be able to learn Wing Chun. However, its also created a need for those students who are training online to have training partners near them. Partner work is a very necessary part of good Wing Chun training. This Wing Chun Study Group program was designed to fill that need.

Sifu Adam Williss’ Online Wing Chun Course is one of the leading online Wing Chun courses today. He has now developed a step-by-step system to help Wing Chun students start their own study groups.

“My new study group program helps you start a Wing Chun study group in your area,” said Sifu Williss. “With me as your guide, you can not only get training partners to practice with, I will also teach you how to lead a group and become my recognized as one of my official group leaders.”

Wing Chun Study Group Training Program

Our Wing Chun Study Group program helps you start your own Wing Chun group

  1. Find training partners in order to practice partner work
  2. Become a Wing Chun group leader
  3. Become recognized as an official group leader of The Dragon Institute
  4. Follow our Wing Chun group training curriculum