Our adult Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are 60 minutes long and include warm-ups, kung fu forms, drills, a lesson of the day and application-based training and/or sparring.

Class sizes small. There are all diffferent student levels in each class. It is a very cooperative kung fu class environment where senior students get excited about sharing their passion of Wing Chun with the newer students. Our Kung Fu students are all very friendly, encouraging and love to help! Because of this, the kung fu classes listed on our schedule are all great for beginners!

We do have an adult martial arts curriculum but adults don't wear belts or sashes. Rather, we have personal levels and certificates along the way.

We recommend wearing comfortable workout attire and sneakers for Wing Chun class at our Irvine/Lake Forest martial arts school.

You can expect a safe and encouraging kids martial arts environment for your child. An environment that, in addition to teaching kids practical martial arts for self-defense, also teaches kids focus, respect and discipline.

Beginners Kids Kung Fu classes are for new students (children ages 5-10). They are 40 minutes long.

Kids Level II are for students (children ages 5-10) that have been with us for a longer time. These classes are also 40 minutes long.

Juniors (aka Teens Classes) are for both beginners and longer term students ages 11-15.

While we do not participate in tournaments or competitions, there is monthly testing to help keep the kids on track with the curriculum.