Our Palm Coast Martial Arts Classes

Our Martial Arts school is proud to be able to offer authentic Ip Man lineage Wing Chun martial arts in Palm Coast. Our martial arts classes in Palm Coast bring legit Wing Chun Kung Fu to Palm Coast (presenting both the practical fighting applications of Wing Chun along with the brilliant science behind its time-tested principles).

Our Kung Fu heritage began in Hong Kong in the 1950s with Ip Man
and his famous martial arts student, Bruce Lee. Our head instructor (The Dragon Institute founder) is Sifu Adam Williss. He is a direct Wing Chun lineage descendant of Ip Man under the branch of the Grandmaster's senior-most student, Leung Sheung. With nearly thirty years of experience, Sifu Adam has cultivated a global student base, becoming one of the most respected Wing Chun Sifus in the martial arts today. He moved the headquarters of The Dragon Institute to Palm Coast in 2023.

Palm Coast Martial Arts Classes/Schedule

Our school offers classes for those looking for adult martial arts, teens martial arts and kids martial arts in Palm Coast. Below is our schedule of martial arts classes for kids, teens and adults.