The Dragon Pillars

At The Dragon Institute we have four pillars of trust which makes us all have sustainable successful.

• Trust in Our System
• Trust in Our School / Association
• Trust in Our Teachers
• Trust in Ourselves

As a new student, your trust in these pillars are being developed. Be sure to ask questions so that you can find out why the collective trust in these 4 pillars is so important for your sustainable success.

Our System
Our system is called Dragon Family Wing Chun. We honestly believe that it is one of the most efficient systems in the world. It’s proven, time-tested and life-changing. It’s been passed down by some of the very best and has been proven time and time again to work for both self-defense and as a life improvement vehicle.

Our School / Association
We feel a great honor to be a part of The Dragon Institute. Our school and our association make things possible that couldn’t be without them. Its credibility and collectiveness create opportunity. Our school / association not only furthers our system, it also allows us to change more lives. It builds our family. We’ve also experienced other schools/associations and know that the quality of instruction and methodology at our school is world class.

Our Teachers
Our teachers will earn your trust by their example and knowledge. They promise to make you one of the best Wing Chun practitioners in the world. Their example shows what is possible and provides a standard to live up to. Our teachers will show you that they are not only exceptional practitioners, they are exceptional teachers. They will do nothing short of change your life!

We’re at The Dragon Institute because we know we have what it takes to learn this great art and persevere though the highs and lows of the journey. We also know that we aren’t like others. We don’t give up on ourselves as easy as others do. When others quit on themselves, we find a way. We also know the only way to fail at this is to quit. And that’s simply not an option for us.