Wing Chun Shoes


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Black slip-on traditional Wing Chun shoes / slippers with cotton sole.

  • Cotton Sole Wing Chun Kung Fu Shoes
  • Black canvas
  • Slip-on style
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Great for forms practice
  • Cottons sole reduces friction with the floor for easier sliding
  • Cottons sole will not damage martial arts mats
  • Recommended to get half to one size smaller than your regular size as these shoes will expand over time


The Wing Chun shoe, also known as a “kung fu slipper”, is a cloth slip-on shoe that is traditionally made in China, and worn while practicing Wing Chun, kung fu, qigong and Tai Chi. A minimalist shoe that is typically black, with minimal lining; it has a low-sided cloth/canvas upper and reinforced cotton soles. Note: Some varieties of the kung fu shoe have plastic ones or rubber soles which are not recommended for martial arts mats.




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